A new ice cream shop will be opening up in downtown Moose Jaw this summer at 31 Main Street North.

The Good Scoop is being run by ten young female entrepreneurs who are looking to make some money, and also support Moose Jaw Transition House with a portion of the proceeds. 

The venture will be run similarly to Junior Achievement, in that it will operate as a nonprofit while also giving back to the community.

Students involved in the project are in grades 8, 10 and 11 from Vanier Collegiate, Central Collegiate, A.E. Peacock Collegiate and King George Elementary School. Sask Polytech will also be doing some design and construction work.

The Good Scoop founder Jakson McAuley, a grade 10 student at A.E. Peacock Collegiate, explained why the group chose to support Transition House.

"As a group of women, we wanted to choose something that we were really passionate about and we're very passionate about women's rights and the Transition House just seemed like a great cause to put our money towards. We wanted to give back a little bit, because as a group of women going into the world and growing up, we wanted to give back to the women who are more experienced in life."

31 Main St. NorthThe Good Scoop will operate out of Tara's Commodities located at 31 Main St. N

Students involved in the project are Jakson McAuley, Rose Miko, Mitike Cridland, Josie Rogers, Ellie Rogers, Madison Marktanner, Ireland Guillaume, Mattaya Coupland, Kate Hansen, and Joice Xu.

Kate said the venture will be a good chance to explore the world of business.

"I think we're just trying to see if we want to do that later on in life. Just to do something when you're younger, to know what you want to do, and just dip your toes in it a little bit."

Joice's mother owns Tara's Commodities and decided to let the girls operate out of the front of her store. Tourism Moose Jaw is also going to have a member in the space at times, in addition to providing maps and brochures.

McAuley mentioned they've received tremendous support from the community.

"The feedback has been the most incredible part of this whole situation. The community has come, they've helped out. We've got the City of Moose Jaw, who has been so helpful and we've got Tourism Moose Jaw, who's donating some money and they're wanting to train us in being ambassadors for Moose Jaw and even just local businesses around have reached out to us, letting us know that they're always there to help. It's really been incredible, everybody's been so helpful."

In addition to hard ice cream, The Good Scoop will also be selling merchandise and iced tea.

A grand opening celebration is planned for Canada Day.

The group is still looking for mentors, donations for the space renovation and sponsors for the team meals. Every couple of weeks, the youth will dine with an inspiring speaker/leader.

If you would like to assist the students in any way, you can check out 'the Good Scoop' on Instagram or Facebook or email thegoodscoop31@gmail.com