Zone 9 property owners and residents have been advised by the City of Moose Jaw that they have begun standardizing waste collection in that area.  

The city began on Tuesday, sending out letters to customers about the transition process of green waste bins in that zone that will be used in place of their existing bins.  

The city will begin delivery of the new, green waste collection bins the week of Sept. 19.  

Following delivery, residents will be required to move the cart to their point of collection and will need to start utilizing the new bin upon arrival, to ensure waste collection services remain uninterrupted. 

The first date of collection with the new bins will begin on Sept. 23. The city adds that if you haven’t received the new bins by then, set your garbage collection as you have been.  

This was made possible after the city council approved, in 2021, the purchase of a new, smaller garbage truck to access the smaller Zone 9 collection area and provide semi-automated waste pick-ups of the green bins. The new truck is ready for deployment, which means the end of the manual collection in Zone 9.

zone 9.PNG Garbage and recycling zone map. Courtesy: City of Moose Jaw.