You can learn all about the operation and do some shopping online on their website.

Jeff Goudie is the owner/operator at Cross Canada Flooring Depot in downtown Moose Jaw and we're featuring him and his store on the DiscoverMooseJaw Partner Profile.  Goudie has been in the flooring business for close to 25 years now and has been working extra hard since taking over the store on his own a little over a year ago. cross canada 2Cross Canada flooring carries carpet, laminate, hardwood and much more.

Jeff is pleased to tell us business has been good despite the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"All things considered, we're all facing a new world with COVID, but business has been going really well, quite honestly.  We've found people are still wanting to renovate their homes, clean things up a little and make changes and we're very happy with that." 

"You know, we never had to shut down and we've been able to maintain all of our staff so everybody's working.  And people want to get things done in their houses, so they've been welcoming our installers.  All in all, it's been a really good year for us.  I realize other businesses may not be in that same boat but hopefully we can all get back there soon," Goudie said. 

Goudie is proud to say he's doing business in the city he grew up in. 

"I was raised here.  I've been here since I was two years old.  I went through the elementary and high school system here.  I played high school football at Vanier Collegiate.  I'm married with four kids who all went through the school system here as well so, my family has been around Moose Jaw for generations now.  I've been very happy to have raised a family here...we've got a nice small town feel with lots of amenities," Goudie said. 

And like most successful, local businesses, Goudie and Cross Canada Flooring have kept up by offering a shopping experience and service online at 

It's there you'll find an invitation to "get a free estimate" as soon as you open the page.   

Cross Canada Flooring is a full-service flooring company and Moose Jaw's largest independent flooring company boasting "the largest selection of in-stock flooring at competitive prices" including carpet, vinyl, roll-ends and more. 

"You know, a lot of people come in and wonder if people are still having carpet installed and the answer is 'absolutely'.  Carpet is probably still the largest segment of the flooring business.  A lot of people still like it in bedrooms and basements.  We've got Shaw Carpets, probably the biggest manufacturer in the world as well as Beaulieu Canada which is the only major Canadian manufacturer left.  I probably have at least 400 different samples of carpet and I usually keep anywhere from 12 to 20 rolls of carpet in stock," Goudie said. 

cross canada 3Cross Canada Flooring is located at 326 High Street West in Moose Jaw.We asked Goudie if he remembers the days when shag carpets were the big trend back in the 70s and he laughed. 

In fact, he says they still replace shags from time to time in local homes. 

"And you know, some of those old shag carpets still look pretty good!  They never really broke down just maybe started to look a little worn and a little ugly - it was the colours, the orange and greens and the reds and yellows, some of the colours that were out there were pretty crazy." 

And while carpet is still selling, Goudie says the trend over the past several years has been to go with hardwood and vinyl. 

"There has been a change over.  Hardwood and laminate were very popular for a time but now vinyl plank is the big in-thing.  It's waterproof and you can get it in a locking, floating version or one that can be loose laid and/or perimeter glued, depending on the application.  It's very durable and warm, as far as walking on it.  Quite a few customers will install it themselves, but we do have professional installers as well," Goudie said. 

"My installers down here, you know, I've been in the flooring business for close to 25 years and I've worked with pretty much every installer in town.  I'm really happy with the guys that I have working here with me - a minimum of 10 years of experience with all these guys.  One of them is a retired instructor from Sask Polytech, Lorne Bachiu.  He's a journeyman carpenter who does all of our laminates, hardwoods and locking vinyl from customers when it comes to all my installers has been really good." 

The showroom at Cross Canada Flooring Depot is impressive, featuring a large selection with recognized brand names and Goudie says you'll find high quality flooring at different price points. 

"Absolutely...hardwood, you're probably looking at the $6.00 range and up.  Some of those hardwoods now, the specialty hardwoods, can be up in the $12.00 and $13.00 range but carpets, you can still get carpet down to $2.00 a square foot and sometimes less if you look at some of the roll-ends that are priced as low as $1.25 a square foot.  Vinyl floors, the same thing, that $2.00 is a starting point.  Really, we have something for every budget.  The biggest thing I find with customers is, they hear $2.00 a square foot and think they can't afford it but once we see the job and we're able to give them an estimate, they realize it's not that bad." 

Goudie says there's no question, the vinyl plank flooring is trending these days. 

"It has exploded.  Five years ago, I might have had two displays but now I have seven displays with another one coming.  It is really big right now and quite honestly, we've had no issues.  You know, one of the things I look at when I carry a product is, if there is a potential problem, how do we take care of it and how is the company I get that product from going to take care of it, but we have had next to no issues whatsoever when it comes to the quality of the product or people coming back with issues." 

And while Goudie recommends you get your flooring professionally installed, Cross Canada Flooring is fully equipped with all off the accessories for the do-it-your-self renovators. cross canada 2Shop in-store or online to view their entire selection.

"Yes, and all of the advice.  Anything you need if you want to try it yourself, there are a lot of online resources, but I also have a couple of installers who are willing to pop over for a few minutes and give them a little bit of advice...just to have that little bit of backup so the customer can get the job done properly." 

Goudie wants you to know Cross Canada Flooring is open 6 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM through 5:30 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 until 4:00 and, if you have a project in mind, he'd love to see you. 

"Come on in and see me or General Manager Jerry Alexander - he's 79 years old and still going strong and he has over 50 years of experience.  We'll help you out the best we can." 

Cross Canada Flooring - 326 High Street West - 306 693 44 66 is Moose Jaw's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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