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March 19, 2019 - Happy 59th Birthday Cathy Freeman

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister! Love you.
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March 18, 2019 - Happy 93rd Birthday Maurice (Mo) Veillard

Happy Birthday Dad... love all your kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Have fun being 93!!
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March 14, 2019 - Happy 79th Birthday Albert Langstaff

To our Dad, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa Albert Langstaff. Lots of love from your daughter Donna and Les, grandkids Jinelle and Jesse, Eric, Brandi, Adam, and great granddaughter Scarlett.
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March 9, 2019 - Happy 60th Birthday Brenda Berry

Love your hubby. Happy 60th Birthday from your co-workers at Regency Monor.
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March 9, 2019 - Happy 80th Birthday Gayle Lake

Join us for a come and go tea on March 9th between 2-4 at the First Baptist Church in MJ to celebrate Gayle Kale's 80th birthday.
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March 5, 2019 - Happy 5th Birthday Tinley Ryall

Happy 5th birthday Tinley. Love nana and papa.
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March 5, 2019 - Happy 65th Birthday Judy Jarvos

Happy birthday to a wonderful friend. Love ya.
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February 29, 2019 - Happy Birthday Elaine Frost

After Feb. 28 comes Feb. 29th, Right? Not this year and not for Elaine! Happy Birthday Elaine to the lady who ages slower than the rest of us. From your whole Coffee group on Wednesday Mornings!
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February 28, 2019 - Happy 19th Birthday Makyla Kapovic

Happy 19th Birthday Makyla!! Love you so much. Love Mom and Dad
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February 28, 2019 - Happy 11th Anniversary Amy and Curtis Novak

Happy 11th Anniversary Amy and Curtis!! Love Mom and Dad
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February 27, 2019 - Happy 96th Birthday Pearl Forwood

Happy 96th birthday wishes from Dwight & Karin, Jason & Tammy, Kevin & Melissa, Allison & Blayne, and all eleven great-grand children
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February 27, 2019 - Happy 89th Birthday Irene Gaudaur

Happy Birthday Irene! 89 years young. Not bad for a war bride! From your friends at G 4 Grandmothers.

February 26, 2019 - Happy 78th Birthday Richard (Dick) Bell

Have a great day Dad, Lots of Love From your Children, John, Rick, Jodi, Derenda and their families and your wife Shirley!
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February 16, 2019 - Happy 59th Birthday Kathy Rossler

Happy Birthday to our wonderful mom, Kathy Rossler!! Have the best day! Love you family!!!Xoxo
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February 15, 2019 - Happy 89th Birthday Marg Thronberg

Happy birthday mom. The strongest loving woman. We're so proud to call you our mother.
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February 14, 2019 - Happy Birthday Shirley Arnold

Happy birthday to a good friend and neighbour Shirley, and wish her many more years. Greetings from Ferne.
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February 11, 2019 - Happy 48th Birthday Traci Yates-Berardi

Happy Birthday Traci. We hope your special day is filled with much love, many special moments spent with family and friends and may this year see all your dreams come true! Love and Hugs from Mom and…
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February 11, 2019 - Happy 55th Birthday Julius LaRiviere

Happy Birthday to a pretty great brother from your awesome sister!
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February 9, 2019 - Happy 98th Birthday Edith Gunningham

Happy 98th birthday to our Great Aunt Edit Gunningham. Love from: Donna, Les, Eric, Brandi and Adam
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February 8, 2019 - Happy 7th Birthday Hunter Blohm

Happy birthday Hunter. Love grandma and grandpa Kemp.

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