Local Crime

It's not like we've ever been immune to crime, but it's happening more and more in neighbourhoods where you might not expect it, and it's making locals uncomfortable.

Drug addicts, transients and homeless people, men and women, aren't just searching for bottles and cans downtown anymore - they're coming into our yards and rummaging through our recycling and garbage bins.  Some are scouting for open doors and breaking into our cars and homes. They are thieves and criminals.  In some cases they are people who are just trying to survive.

This week, a Facebook page called "Moose Jaw Neighbourhood Watch and Patrol" features photos from a home security camera showing what appears to be a trio of young people checking for unlocked vehicles on Grace Street near Palliser Heights School.  

So, what do we do about it?  What CAN we do about it?  The answer is, not much.  If you attack these people you become a criminal and a part of the problem.  All we can do is call the police. They'll be ready. They're getting similar calls almost every night these days.


Lunch.  Just saying the word makes me happy.  I love lunch.  I'm thinking about lunch today after seeing a note from the Eyebrow School.  It's an order form for all parents to sign their kids up for the hot lunch program.  Kraft Dinner, hot dogs, grilled cheese and chocolate milk are all on the menu.

It takes me back to my school days.  Remember racing home when the school bell rang at 11:45?  Our moms were at home preparing lunch.  We'd have a nice, hot lunch and watch The Flintstones on TV.  They were on CKCK every day at noon for many years.  My dad would eat in the kitchen and then take my place on the couch to have a rest and watch the local news at 12:30.

There's one day I'll never forget.  My mom threw us right out of our routines.  She explained there would be no Flintstones or news on the TV that day.  No, she'd be watching the live wedding on the Elwood Glover "Luncheon Date" program on CBC.  Stompin' Tom Connors married Lena Walsh on November 2nd, 1973.  I just looked it up.  

I don't know why I remember it so clearly but I do.  I went back to school early that day.

True story.  I can't make this stuff up.

Stirring the Pot

We knew, she knew, that she wouldn't get the result she's been calling for but she showed up, stood up and spoke up.

Local woman Jodie Chell appeared before Moose Jaw City Council last night - presenting the on-line petition she started, calling for the resignation of Councillor Brian Swanson.  It all stems back to some questionable moves made in a local personnel matter at our Downtown Facility & Field House operation.

Swanson made it clear he would not be resigning in a statement he issued last week.

When the dust had settled last night, Ms. Chell was on social media, thanking her friends and supporters and telling the story of an "older couple" who used profanity when addressing one of her friends and then allegedly told Chell they "hated her...guts."

A number of friends and followers are reacting to the post with one urging Chell to run for a spot on City Council.  

And I wonder, why would anybody want to do that?

Pick a Topic

I've tackled all types of topics.  I've touched on everything from pot holes to traffic and disobedient and distracted drivers to local, civic politics, government waste and the pro-life / pro-choice debate.

And, you know, despite the fact I know most of you disagree, I continue to advocate for Daylight Savings Time in Saskatchewan.  

This daily commentary we call "Carnie's Comments' is in its 10th year.  I'm not really adept at arithmetic but I think I've probably written and recited about 200 a year,  so that's getting close to 2000!  Yes, 2000 daily commentaries.  

I hope I've made you smile and, perhaps, chuckle.  I hope I've caught your attention, provoked some anger and, perhaps, sparked a conversation in your life.

Is that 60 seconds yet?  I hope we're close because today, I don't mind sharing with you, I've got nothing.

Thanks for listening.

That Guy!

You've seen him.  He's behind the wheel of his big, bad pickup truck every day.

He's a tough guy.  He rides high in that truck with the big wheels.  It runs on diesel and comes complete with the sound of authority.  He's got white-rimmed sunglasses and he wears a hoodie - not a bunny hug - a hoodie because tough guys don't wear bunny hugs.  He turns the corner and as he passes by he looks down and sneers at you.

I saw that guy yesterday - well, in my peripheral vision.  I don't look at him directly because I don't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing I see him.  He's not worthy of my attention.  He thinks he deserves it - he's an entitled young man.  He wants to make me feel uncomfortable for some reason.

I think he drives on with some sort of pleasure and pride - feeling like he intimidated me.

And, I drive on and wonder....what made that guy so angry?

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