So, I'm pulling for the Pats this weekend at the Memorial Cup in Regina.  I divulged this in yesterday's commentary.  The on-line feedback is rich.

One guy says "...the Pats come in well rested and healed and their opponents are tired, bruised and beaten up.  The Cup rules must change...that being said, I just do not like the Pats."

Moose Jaw born and raised Cal Hobbs, whose boy Connor played for Regina says "Go Pats".

And then, one of his old buddies says "Now that Hobbs Jr. isn't on the team, there's no reason to completely lose your marbles, Carns....#Warriors".

And then, Brendan says, "Can't do it.  Spent too many cold nights on the farm with no cable TV or sports entertainment anywhere except CHAB - Carns and the Warriors.  I've been brainwashed to NOT cheer for the Pats...forever."

Wow.  That one almost brought a tear to my eye.  And now, I feel I'm letting Brendan down.  Sorry, pal.  Thanks for listening.

Pats Fan?

I suppose you could call it "mixed feelings".  I know some die-hard Moose Jaw Warriors fans might take offence to me saying I'm pulling for the Pats to win the Memorial Cup this weekend.

But, think about it, long time, local hockey fans used to cheer for the Pats all the time.  I remember back in the 70s and into the 80s when the local Canucks played in the SJHL, many of us would make trips to Regina to watch the Pats, especially when the Agridome opened in '77.

It was less than a year after the Carnie family moved from Regina to Moose Jaw in the spring of '74 when our Pats played in the Memorial Cup in Calgary.  I clearly remember watching the championship final on our old, Viking brand, black 'n white television with my Dad.  The Pats beat Quebec Remparts 7-4.

Moose Jaw was so proud of that team - it included two local boys in goalie Ed Staniowski and big winger Clark Gillies.  You can bet those guys are pulling for the Pats this weekend.  So am I.

Catching Up

So, I've been catching up today after a 5 day vacation.  It's not easy...162 e-mails in the in-box.  I'll check them later.

Right now, I'm checking and sharing what I've missed on social media - you know, it's my gift to those of you who aren't on Facebook.

Here's a gal who says "Being cremated is my last shot at a smoking hot body."

Author Keri Beevis says, "If you eat cake fast enough your fitbit will think you're walking."

Here's a guy in Regina who, yesterday, posted:  "Anyone looking for 2 Memorial Cup tickets to Hamilton vs. Acadie-Bathurst tonight, let me know.  Great seats..."

So, no one wants them and today he adds, "Due to the amazing flood of interest for those tickets...I am offering them again today to anyone who wants them."

Here's an old photo of a 17 year old Wayne Gretzky, playing records in his bedroom.  He has several posters on the walls, including Elton John and Styx.  Who knew?

And, here's a good question from a man who writes, "40 years ago every pickup truck in the high school parking lot had a rifle on a rack in the back window and there were no school shootings.  What changed?"

Happy "May Long"

It was 12 years ago, believe it or not.  It doesn't seem like that long.  Many were outraged.  I didn't think it was fair for law-abiding adults.

It was the spring of 2006 when the provincial NDP government placed a ban on alcohol in provincial parks for the Victoria Day long weekend.

The decision was a reaction to history.  Many of our young people were out of control - partying, boozing and vandalizing on "May Long".  There was disorderly conduct and fighting.  We had to do something.

Well, it seems to have worked and so, the ban remains in effect in 2018.

Back when it was first announced and for some time after, I had visions of law enforcement officers going camper to camper and going through dad's cooler and mom's pantry looking for alcohol.  Generally speaking, from what I've gathered, that doesn't happen unless there's cause for concern.

So, happy Victoria Day.  Keep it real.  Keep it quiet.  And, remember, if you don't leave the booze at home, you might get sent home.

Eagles With Vince Gill

He's just a perfect fit in my opinion.  The Eagles added Vince Gill to the band about a year ago in the wake of Glenn Frey's passing.  They play Mosaic Stadium tomorrow.  

I've always liked Vince Gill, going back to his days with Pure Prairie League, but I found a new appreciation for his magnificent musicianship when I saw him perform with Keith Urban at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival some 5 years ago.

It was about a year after that a friend of mine was on a family vacation to Nashville.  We had attended Crossroads together and he was wearing the t-shirt while he waited for his luggage at the airport.  As he stood there waiting for the carousel to bring his bags, a guy behind him said "Hey, nice shirt."

My buddy looks back and sees Vince Gill.  He said, "Did you go to that show?"

And my friend said, "Ya, it was awesome."

Vince said, "I know."

And then, they just talked while they waited for their luggage.  No selfies.  No autographs.  They just talked.

Vince Gill is cool.  So is my buddy.

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