Carnie's Comments - Facebook Friday

Carnie's Comments

Time for fun and frivolity on Facebook Friday!

This one, "I just got a full tank of gas for $22.  Granted, it's for my lawn mower but I'm trying to stay positive."

Here's a guy who says, "I'm so old I can remember when they only fake news was in the National Enquirer."

On a related note, "The last time I had faith in the news was when it was with Huey Lewis."

A funny fella I follow writes, "Just so you're all clear, I'm going to put my glasses on."

Another good one, "Looking for competitive Hide 'n Seek players.  Good players are hard to find."

Here's a lady I follow who posted last weekend, "Another Saturday night in the house and I just realized, even the trash goes out more than me."

And, one more.  This woman says, "No, I'm not smiling at you.  I'm smiling at your dog.  Don't look at me." 

Happy Friday!

Carnie's Comments - Throwback Thursday

Carnie's Comments

It's Throwback Thursday as I take a look back to the good times we've had during this, CHAB's 100th anniversary.

It was summer, maybe 1990 or '91, and the Saskatchewan Airshow was coming up at 15-Wing Moose Jaw.  

Our general manager at the time, Vern Traill, asked me what we had planned for coverage.  I told him we'd be broadcasting live all weekend with a number of our personalities attending.

He said, "What about traffic reports from a helicopter?"

I told him there were only two ways to get to the air base so traffic reports seemed silly to me.

Vern said, "Well, if another radio station comes to our town and does traffic reports from a chopper this weekend, don't bother coming into the station on Monday."

He was threatening.  I got to work.

Long story short, there I was on Saturday morning, reporting live from a base rescue helicopter with Major Steve Teatro, who made it happen and likely saved my job.

When Vern showed up Monday morning, he called me into his office, told me I was "a star" and gave me a $300 per month raise. 

Carnie's Comments - Go Big or Go Home?

Carnie's Comments

I get it.  I get why many in our community, especially those involved in competitive swimming, want our new outdoor pool to be a regulation, Olympic size pool.  But I see the other side as well.  

To be honest, I was surprised with the results of our most recent poll on DiscoverMooseJaw.com.  

The City of Moose Jaw has proposed a new, 25-metre pool which would include a leisure pool, slash pad and a waterslide.  Sounds great, right?  However, the local Kinsmen Flying Fins Swim Club is a proponent of a 50-metre pool.  It's best for training and a pool that size would continue to attract athletes from clubs across the prairies.

Well, our poll found over 46% are in favour of the city's original concept while about 42% say they'd like to see us build a 50-metre pool.

At the heart of it all is money.  Our money.  Taxpayer's money.  It's estimated the Olympic size pool will cost us an additional $2.7 million. 

It strikes me that many of the people pulling for the 50-metre pool will be the same people who our outraged when their property taxes go up...again.

Carnie's Comments - Twitter Tuesday

Carnie's Comments

Time for Twitter Tuesday - I find the best of the best just for you.

Here's a music fan with a Tweet you might agree with, "The best song of 2022 is worse than the worst song of 1980."

This guy says, "Remember when we left the house without a phone and didn't have a panic attack?"

On a related note, this one, "How about making a phone battery that lasts as long as the radio battery did on Gilligan's Island?"

A question from the Twitterati, "If you write an autobiography, how do you come up with an ending?"

Here's a proud mom who shares, "My child befriended the old lady next to her school so she could get her WiFi password because I won't get her data for her phone.  That's some next level social skills there."

A friend of mine wonders, "How do people live their lives AND think of good Tweets?  Very impressive."

And, one more from a lady who writes, "I'm updating my resume to include a list of demands." 

Carnie's Comments - See Ya Next Year!

Carnie's Comments

Always sad it's over but happy it happened.

The Moose Jaw Warriors - players, staff, fans, billets and the booster club - moving forward this week with an eye on next hockey season.

The Warriors had a good year, finishing 4th in the WHL Eastern Conference.  They beat Saskatoon in the first round of the playoffs before losing to the powerhouse Winnipeg Ice in round two.

While attendance was disappointing in round two, the Warriors did attract some good crowds for the Saskatoon series.  All told, the Warriors had five home playoff games which brought in much-needed revenue for our community-owned hockey club.  

Those who have supported our Western Hockey League team since it arrived in 1984 should be proud of it.  There have been some lean times and an occasion or two when the league itself was close to pulling the plug on us.  Here we are, 38 years later, surviving and, dare I say, thriving?

Oh, and one more thing we need to add to our list of accomplishments is a championship.  Maybe next year?  Then we'd be really happy it happened!

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