Social Media Update

It's for you.  If you're not engaged on social media.  I am.  I've got hi-lites.

You should know some moms have a new, trendy way to describe getting together for coffee.  We used to just call it a coffee break.  I see today one mom is having a "coffee catch".  That's cute.

Speaking of coffee, how about this;  "I will drink you under the table...I whisper to my coffee as we hide from the children."

Here's one from a dad who says "I sometimes question my parenting but, to be fair, I also sometimes question my kid's childing."

How about this from a sports fan?  He says, "Wrestling.  A sport where people without pants fight for a belt."

And another one many of us can relate to;  "When I say the 'other day' I could be referring to any time between yesterday and 10 years ago.


Oh, I love the advertising game.  Hey, if it wasn't for radio ads, I'd be without a job, right?

What I love is the catchy slogans.  The good ones work so well.  But sometimes, we have to call the bluff, don't we?

Remember when everything seemed to be "new and improved"?  I don't like that one. What if I liked it how it was?  Whatever happened to "tried and true"?

The word getting on my nerves these days is "hand".  The ads are telling me how their product is "handmade", "handcrafted" and "handbuilt".

The restaurant ads are telling me my food is "hand-battered" and "hand carved".  I'll bet the fruit and veggies they serve were "hand planted" and "hand-picked" too.

We can only hope those hands that prepare our food are "hand scrubbed" and the kitchen counter was "hand-washed".  

Victoria Day

I like to call it the official "unofficial" beginning of summer in Saskatchewan.  It's "May Long" as we call it.  The Victoria Day long weekend.

Summer, as you know, can be short so we start early.  And, what a wonderful time of year it is.  Baseball and soccer seasons are here, the golf courses are open and our parks are open for camping.  The anticipation is the best and we've got the whole summer ahead of us.  

We're also at a time of year when we get the most daylight.  The days are the longest over the next 8 weeks.  I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and by the way, the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting an average summer with above average temperatures in August.  And they predict the next snowfall will come in mid-September.  

Happy Weekend!


This is it.  The Victoria Day long weekend has arrived.  Saskies from border to border will be setting up camp at provincial and regional parks this weekend and settling in for a summer of sun and fun.

I'll never forget the day I took three immigrants from Liberia for a drive out to Buffalo Pound Provincial Park.  As I toured them around I explained our Canadian commitment to camping in the summer.  I told them many have the comforts of recreational vehicles and many more love to pitch tents for a few days and go swimming, fishing and have campfires.

These people had arrived in Canada after spending many months in refugee camps in Africa.  They were sleeping in tents, cooking over fires and struggling to survive.

So, with that, you'll understand why they were so puzzled to learn that in Canada, we do that for fun in our spare time.


Do you like to "surf the net"?  Do the kids still call it that?

I've found a website you might like.  It's called "BrightSide.me".  They produce fun and interesting pieces about us like a recent article on psychology.

Did you know most "women prefer men with deep, husky voices because they seem more confident and not aggressive"?

The people who give the best advice "are usually the ones with the most problems".

Here's one I've experienced;  "The way a person treats restaurant staff reveals a lot about their character".  

And this is food for thought.  "Our emotions don't affect the way we communicate.  In fact, the opposite is true:  The way we communicate has an influence on our mood."

Can you hear me smiling?

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