Facebook Friday

It's Facebook Friday!  It's a little treat from me to those of you who don't subscribe to the world's number one social media network.

One of my old buddies says, "You don't stop playing music because you get old...you get old because you stop playing music.  Play music and stay young forever!"  I like that guy.

Here's one from a guy who writes, "Don't tell me about your childhood problems.  I was forced to watch Lawrence Welk as a kid."

There's a big guy opening the fridge and he writes, "How many trips to the fridge before it counts as cardio?"

Another guy says, "At a recent job interview I was asked if I could perform under pressure.  I said I don't know that one but I could take a fair crack at Bohemian Rhapsody."

Did you SEE the Provincial Budget?

I was pleasantly surprised while watching yesterday's provincial budget presentation from the Saskatchewan legislature.

Health, highways, social services and education, as usual, are the keys.  We demand it as Saskatchewan citizens.  In fact, Minister of Finance Donna Harpauer announced funding for a proposed, new joint-use school on Moose Jaw's South Hill.

Watching the provincial budget delivery might sound like a boring afternoon activity but I enjoyed it.

I saw the Honourable Gene Makowsky was the only other MLA in the live shot of Harpauer while she spoke.  I wonder if that was planned - designed to make the viewer, the Saskatchewanian, feel safe and well-protected by "Mean Gene."

I also enjoyed the finish - when government MLAs rose from their seats - a standing ovation for the Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice Don Morgan looked across the floor with the brightest smile and motioned for the other side of the house to rise and applaud.  I don't think they did but I'll bet he got some smiles.

Playoff Weather

Spring time means playoff time in the Western Hockey League.  Our Moose Jaw Warriors go into the post season as the underdogs in round one against the Saskatoon Blades.

It's at this time of year I recall my first taste of the WHL playoffs as a sportscaster.  I was providing the colour commentary for Voice of the Warriors Bryn Griffiths.  It was the spring of 1987. 

Our team was into round two vs. the Medicine Hat Tigers.

I'll never forget strolling up to our hotel on a sunny and warm afternoon in The Hat - it was a game day. 

I heard a cheery "Good afternoon, Mr. Carnie".  I looked up and there, sitting with his legs dangling from a 2nd floor window was Mike Keane.  He was wearing nothing but a pair of gym shorts and reading the local newspaper.

I said, "What are you doing?"

He said, "Just, ah, gettin' a little sun on the Tweety Birds".  You see, that's what he called his skinny legs - Tweety Bird legs.

He was also making sure none of his teammates were leaving the building.  He wanted them well-rested for the big game.  That's why Mike Keane was our captain.

Whadya Think?

They say they're looking for our input.  I hope they'll listen to any reasonable ideas.

The City of Moose Jaw - Parks and Recreation Department, inviting one and all to what they're calling a "Vital Community Conversation" on Thursday.  They want to know what matters most...regarding Parks and Recreation.  The meeting is Thursday night at the Kinsmen Sportsplex.

I hope we focus on improving accessibility.  Our YaraCentre is tough to get to for those without vehicles.  The pool, at the Sportsplex, is almost impossible to access by foot in the winter time.  We don't have proper walkways leading to the facility.  

I've been a user of our municipal facilities since I was a little boy - from our hockey rinks to the ball parks, the swimming pool and our field house.  Those facilities are pretty good.  However, I have offered input and suggested subtle changes over the years.  I can't think of any that have been acted upon.

Some of the people have changed at Moose Jaw City Hall.  Perhaps the attitudes have changed as well.  Here's hoping.

Keep Your Guard Up

My friendly, neighbourhood drug store had the signage up last week.  GET YOUR FLU SHOT, the sign said.  I wondered if the influenza viruses were still around.  Apparently they are.

I know a number of local people who came down with flu-like symptoms on the weekend.  They have fevers and coughs.  They're weak and sick.  They're pretty sure they have the flu.  They probably do.

The "flu season" peaked in Saskatchewan just before Christmas and the confirmed cases have dwindled in number since BUT, the way I understand it, there are still some "localized outbreaks".

In fact, that was the case a number of years ago now when I had the worst case of the flu I've ever had in late March.

You know, once winter breaks, we tend to let our guards down a little.  We can look after each other by practicing proper personal hygiene and washing our hands with soap and warm water frequently and by covering our coughs and sneezes.  

Spread the word...don't spread the germs.

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