Lotto Winners

It's a Sunday morning ritual for me.  I look forward to it every weekend.

I pick the same 6 numbers every week for the Lotto 649.  They make the draw on Saturday but it's not until the next morning that I check my ticket.  I go for a drive across the city to my favourite lottery ticket outlet and check the ticket on that ticket checking scanner thing they have on the wall.  That's the moment of truth but, it's the 10 minute drive that I look forward to, for it's during that time I think about what I'll do if I win.

I would not quit my job immediately.  No, I've decided I'd keep coming in.  I wouldn't do much but I'd sure have some fun with management, knowing, if I got fired, it wouldn't really matter.

And then I'd make big plans for the news conference where they'd present me with my cheque.  I know I'd have fun with that and share some laughter with others.  And that's why I'm always so disappointed when lottery winners decline the opportunity to stage a news conference and talk with media.  You see, I've been rehearsing my lottery winning speech for years.  

Hall of Famer

He is among a number of wonderful, local athletes who will be inducted tonight in the Moose Jaw & District Sports Hall of Fame.

Ryan Anholt made his mark in baseball.  He compiled a long list of accomplishments on his way to earning a scholarship at Northwestern State in Louisiana, an NCAA Division I university.  He played for Team Canada at the World Baseball Championships and was, in fact, drafted twice by Major League Baseball's New York Yankees in '94 and the LA Dodgers in '96.

He got it all started in Moose Jaw Little League.  And that's when I first met Ryan.  I was volunteering as an umpire behind the plate one night and Ryan was catching.  I was having fun.  Ryan was playing to win.

There was one border-line pitch I'll never forget.  It was right on the corner and down at the knees.  He caught it and held it.  I said nothing.  He slowly turned his head around and looked up.  I said, "Just a little outside."

Ryan looked me in the eye and said, "You're kidding me?"

I think he was 9 or 10 years old at the time.

Regina or Saskatoon?

"Regina or Saskatoon and why?"

That post on social media sparked an interesting conversation.  The questions were posted by someone in BC who is contemplating a move to Saskatchewan.

One woman says she has built a nice life in Regina and, "The entrepreneur community is growing...there's a ton of ways you can really make your mark that haven't been done yet."

Another woman says, "I lived in both and loved them both...art scene more thriving in Saskatoon.  Better downtown activities - shopping and food in Saskatoon plus the river is nice."

So, the results?  By my count 10 voted for Saskatoon while 5 picked Regina.

Oh, and 2 people said "Moose Jaw".  I believe them to be the brightest of all the respondents

James Gallo

He's our "Hometown Hero" on 800 CHAB today.  He is the Voice of the Warriors James Gallo.

We're saluting James after he reached a milestone on the weekend, calling his 800th Western Hockey League game on the radio.

It was almost 20 years ago when I first met James.  He was a young broadcasting student coming out of a trade school in Vancouver but he hailed from Strasbourg, Saskatchewan.  He wanted to work here.  We made it happen.  We're glad we did.

James Gallo has become a true Moose Javian.  He's a good husband, the father of two beautiful little girls and he contributes to our community in a number of worthwhile ways.

James, as most of you will know, is the Moose Jaw Warriors' communications manager and the now long-time voice of the Warriors.  He's really good at what he does.

Way to go, James Gallo, 800 CHAB's "Hometown Hero" today.  We're lucky to have you.

Ted Knight

His is a success story - a remarkable career in the automobile industry.  He succeeded, expanded and became a highly respected business leader in Regina, Moose Jaw and elsewhere.  Ted Knight passed away on Friday. 

I'll remember Ted for his 10 years with the Regina Pats.  He and Bill Hicke, Morley Gusway, Jack Nichol and Huddy Bell owned the Pats for 10 years through 1996.  Those were good times.  If Hicke wasn't cutting up the Warriors and Moose Jaw, Knight jumped in.  On one occasion he got Warriors fans all fired up when he called our city "a village".

I remembered that and many years later I happened to see Ted Knight in Moose Jaw.  He was at the Hillcrest Golf Club, putting on a golf day for his local employees.  He recognized me and said, "Hello". 

I said, "Hello, Mr. Knight.  Welcome to the Village Club!"  We had a good laugh.

Ted Knight, by the way, was a pretty good hockey player when he was a kid.  He played junior for the Winnipeg Braves when they won the Memorial Cup in 1958.   

Friends and family will say "so long" to Ted Knight at a memorial service tomorrow afternoon at the Conexus Arts Centre.

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