Insurance Fraud

You know, my late father spent most of his working career as an insurance broker.  I've heard some stories.  They keep getting better.

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada and SGI has released what they see as their top five insurance fraud cases - cases they busted.

Insurance fraud adds up to $millions a year in losses for the insurance industry and, ultimately, we the customers, pay for it.

SGI investigators busted a woman on a hit-and-run claim.  They found her vehicle's on-board computer told a different story.  It indicated her vehicle wasn't parked at the time of the collision like she said.  It was moving and the collision happened on a different day than she claimed.

They also investigated a claim from a man whose car burned up.  He said vandals must have done it.  SGI was able to view security camera footage from the guy's neighbour.  It clearly showed the claimant lighting the fire himself.  Not only was his claim denied, he's facing criminal charges.

There's some food for thought...or is this FRAUD for thought?

MJ BEX Nominees

Celebrating business excellence.   The Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce has released the list of nominees for the annual MJ BEX Awards.  It's impressive.

Long-established businesses like Calico Junction, JGL Livestock and Wells Camera and Sound are nominated in the Pillar of the Community category and you'll find other familiar names like Murray GM, Heritage Insurance, the Hillcrest Golf Club and Cypress Paving nominated in a number of categories.

But, what's most remarkable, in my opinion, is the number of new and relatively new businesses on the list.  In fact, in the New Business category, you'll find Barre Down Fitness and Twenty Eight Decor.  Have you ever heard about them?

How about Kattle Kountry Veterinary Services, Speargrass Homes and Steady Metal Works - all nominees in the Young Entrepreneur section - have you done business with them yet?

I suppose my point is, despite the fact the local economy has had its share of struggles recently, the local business community continues to thrive, adapt and overcome.

Drive-Thru Protocol

So, at lunch time or supper time, I've got lots of time but when I'm headed to work at 5 o'clock in the morning - not so much.

Many of us get in a bit of a hurry on the way to work and that's why we utilize the drive-thru service at local restaurants to get our morning coffee.  It's my opinion that one should be ready when one pulls into the drive-thru, especially first thing in the morning.  One should know what they want and have cash to pay for it.  You know?

But, then, there's "that" guy.  That guy who rolls into the drive-thru and has a lengthy conversation when he places his order.  Then you wait behind him.  And you wait some more.  And then the windows open and they start handing out the bags of groceries.  One, two, three bags of food and then the tray of drinks.  Yes, breakfast for the whole gang.  Oh, and then, they hand him the bank machine.  He's paying with his debit card.  He is inconsiderate.  He should park and go inside to place and purchase his large order.

"That" guy.  Don't be that guy.

Thanks for listening.

Distracted Drivers

It's illegal.  It's dangerous.  It's disrespectful and unacceptable.  But, if you take a look around today, you'll see people texting and talking on their cellular telephones while they're operating a motor vehicle.

If YOU are still using your telephone while you're driving, I've got some stats for you.  The fine is $280 if you get caught.  You probably know that number.  Saskatchewan police agencies write those tickets for between 400 and 600 people every month.

Here's another number.  23.  You are 23 times more likely to be in a collision if you text while driving.

How about the number 2?  Did you know if you're charged with distracted driving two times within a year you get your vehicle seized for a week?  It happened to 37 people last year.

Oh, and how about the number 42?  Did you know 42 people were killed on Saskatchewan roads in 2016 in crashes where distracted driving was a factor?

What else do you need to know?

A Tip o' the Hat

It's easy to criticize.  We all do it.  However, not many of us have solutions to offer when we disapprove and denounce.

The administrator of a Facebook page called MJ TALKS made an effort to stop the constant criticism on the weekend and her thousands of followers got a nice, little treat.  She called for some "positive posts" and "praise."

Dozens of local residents had good things to say, like Scott Gabel who says, "For all the volunteers helping others throughout the storm.  Shoveling sidewalks for free or helping push vehicles when stuck."

Jen Vance said, "...to whoever ran the snowblower up Connaught, me and my dogs with short legs thank you."

Taryn Ferguson said, "Watching the gentleman Saturday crossing the opposite way on Main Street stop, turn around and help to ensure the elderly lady had an arm to hold while crossing...That so made my day."

Way to go, people.  How about a tip o' the hat and a way to go to the good people doing good things in The Friendly City.

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