It might not seem like a big deal to most but saying "Canada Day" is hard.  There are four syllables there but sometimes, if you don't take your time, it comes out in three, "Canda Day".  It's not easy being a radio announcer.  

It's frustrating for me.  You see, I've mastered "Worcestershire Sauce".  It's not "wer-chest-er-sure".  It's "wooster-shur".  Three syllables.

How about "mischievous".  Many say "mis-cheev-i-ous".  That's wrong.  It's "mis-chuh-vis" - three syllables.

What about "draught".  Why don't we just put the "f" there instead of the "g-h"?  Have you ever heard someone order a "drought" beer at a pub?  I have.  He was embarrassed.  He thought it was something new.

And, what about "quinoa"?  I've heard arguments over this one.  It's the new "superfood", right?  If you apply English rules, you would pronounce it "quin-O-ah" but it's a Spanish word and, apparently, there are numerous acceptable pronunciations, including "KEEN-wah", "ken-WAH" and "KEN-oh-ah". 

One thing is certain.  All of the pronunciations sound more appetizing than "Grape Nuts".

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