So, I've been doing some ice fishing this winter.  It's really fun and really easy for me.  I've got a good buddy with a nice shack and all the gear you need.  He's a great host.  He picks me up, takes me out and even lets me keep the fish.  

So, on the weekend, we go.  It was a little slow.  I caught one little perch in the first two hours - a catch and release.  And then, having gone without a catch for some time, I released the rod.  Yes, set it down so I could take a little lunch break and I kicked it.  It went down the hole.  I watched it go.  It was like slow motion.  I froze.  I just stood there and watched it sink.  We laughed but it wasn't really funny.  Here I am, absorbing some fine hospitality like a freeloader and I kick my friend's fishing rod down the hole.

I felt shame.  I knew I'd have to replace that rod.  I was already planning my trip to Canadian Tire when I carefully grabbed another rod and dipped it in.  I let the bait drop to the bottom of the lake and then reeled it in a few inches when I felt the tug.  It wasn't a living tug it was a stationary tug.  I kept tugging and reeling and I watch it come up.  It was the rod I lost.  I reeled it in.  Catch of the day.  

You can't make that stuff up.

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