So, at lunch time or supper time, I've got lots of time but when I'm headed to work at 5 o'clock in the morning - not so much.

Many of us get in a bit of a hurry on the way to work and that's why we utilize the drive-thru service at local restaurants to get our morning coffee.  It's my opinion that one should be ready when one pulls into the drive-thru, especially first thing in the morning.  One should know what they want and have cash to pay for it.  You know?

But, then, there's "that" guy.  That guy who rolls into the drive-thru and has a lengthy conversation when he places his order.  Then you wait behind him.  And you wait some more.  And then the windows open and they start handing out the bags of groceries.  One, two, three bags of food and then the tray of drinks.  Yes, breakfast for the whole gang.  Oh, and then, they hand him the bank machine.  He's paying with his debit card.  He is inconsiderate.  He should park and go inside to place and purchase his large order.

"That" guy.  Don't be that guy.

Thanks for listening.

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