Police investigators see it all the time and then it's the insurance broker's turn.  The victim feels violated and shamed because they almost asked for it.

More and more criminals are watching social media very closely to see which local people are enjoying vacations.  The bad guys then break into their homes and take their stuff.

As summer vacation season continues, home security experts are sharing some great pointers, like:

--Don't update your status on social media with anything about going away.  Also, you should use your privacy settings to ensure strangers don't see what you don't want them to.

--Don't enable the "check-in" features on social media.  Those apps tell people where you are when you're there.

--Also, while it might be exciting to snap photos and share them with family and friends on Facebook, the experts call that an "open invitation" to the scumbags who break, enter and steal.

So, save the photos for after the vacation and save yourself from being violated by scumbags. 

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