So, minimum wage went up by a dime in Saskatchewan yesterday.  It's up to $11.06 per hour.

Provincial NDP leader Ryan Meili says it'll go to $15 if we vote him and his party into government next time around.  He points to Alberta where the government increased minimum wage $1.40 to $15 per hour and the fact we have the 2nd lowest minimum wage in Canada.  Only Nova Scotia is lower.

Meili says people working full-time for minimum wage are using food banks and other social safety nets while they live in poverty.  He believes an increase to $15 will be a boost to the provincial economy.

Others disagree.  The Canadian Federation of Independent Business warns us to consider the cost to employers and the possibility of businesses cutting hours or eliminating jobs.  They believe jobs for young people would be lost.  They're advocating tax breaks and educational programming to help low income earners upgrade their skills.

You probably know I don't lean to the left.  But, in this case, I think Meili's got it right.

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