My day timer book tells me today is National Napping Day.  It's in recognition of the spring time switch to Daylight Savings Time.  Those who make the switch lose an hour so they need a nap to catch up, you see?

Those of us who get up early know all about the nap.  It's essential if we're to lead a normal life and spend time with friends and family in the evening hours.  I used to have an afternoon nap three or four times a week.

There was a time when I could sleep for four or five hours at night and follow that up with an hour or two in the afternoon and all was good.  I can't do that anymore.

I've found, as I've aged, if I go down for an afternoon nap it can turn into a lengthy rest.  True story - the last time I stretched out for a nap before supper I slept for 10 hours. - woke up at 2 AM.

Oh, I was well-rested...but I missed supper.

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