They're still texting, they're not stopping at stop signs and they're exceeding the speed limits in school zones every...single...day.

If you drive a motor vehicle on a daily basis, you see it.  I don't get it.  I'm scared to ride my pedal bike.  I almost got hit by a car last summer.  The young fella who was driving had no idea he almost hit me.  He was smiling and texting.  That reminds me, I saw a youngster riding his bike and texting the other day.  That's a special talent...and a special kind of stupid. 

I'm also irritated by those who just roll right through stop signs and the people who turn right on red lights without stopping.  It's inconsiderate, it's dangerous and it's against the law.  It's especially annoying when you're turning left and you have the green arrow and someone coming from the other direction just approaches and turns in front of you.

Oh, and one more thing.  It seems not many know this.  At two-way stops, when two vehicles arrive around the same time to the opposite stop signs and one is turning left, that driver must yield the right away to the driver going straight.  Did YOU know that?

Y'er welcome.

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