Oh, they rub it in from time to time, don't they?  They want us to know they're living it up in the sunshine while we're toughing out another frigid Saskatchewan winter.

They are our friends and family who proudly call themselves "Snowbirds".  They are Canadians who love their country and live in it during the summer months but head south for the winter.

A number of my friends and acquaintances live in close proximity down in Arizona during the winter but they want us to know they're thinking of us.  In a most remarkable way.

This group took some time and spent some money to put on what they call a "Rider Pride Party" down in Mesa, Arizona last week.  They hosted dozens of Saskatchewanians at one, big party with food, music and dancing.  They sold tickets and made money.

The kicker?  They're donating the proceeds to STARS Air Ambulance in Saskatchewan.  

I just thought you'd like to know. 

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