I find it amusing, actually.  Sports reporters, and I know a lot of 'em, seem to have some uncontrollable urge to Tweet from sporting events.  They Tweet updates from the game they're attending and, sometimes, from the game they're watching on TV.  And, I wonder, do they really think I'm following the game on Twitter?  No, if I'm interested, I'm either watching it or recording it.  If the latter is the case, I don't want updates on Twitter because there's not much use in watching the recording if I already know the outcome.

The truth is, I recorded the Saskatchewan Roughriders / Toronto Argonauts CFL playoff game yesterday and started watching about an hour after game time.  You see, you can fast-forward through all the annoying commercials if you do it that way.  If you catch up, you just watch the NFL for a few minutes and then go back.

Oh, and another trick is, when you're recording a sporting event, ALWAYS add an extra hour or two to the recording or you're sure to miss the end of the game.

Something that can get you in the end is when the networks stick to their scheduled programming and direct you to another one of their channels to finish watching a game.  TSN did that to me a couple of times this summer.

We've got live radio, live and recorded TV, reporters Tweeting and Facebooking and some wonder why no one buys the newspaper anymore.

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