All in Favour?

As you've heard and as you might expect, Moose Jaw city council has been criticized for their decision to give a new venture a property tax break in exchange for starting up in our city.

The Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce is in favour.  CEO Rob Clark penned a letter this week, congratulating city council on the decision, saying the support for Imperial Distillery gives Moose Jaw "momentum as a city of choice for investors" and "adds to our growing economy."

Mr. Clark also writes, "The City of Moose Jaw along with our business community continue to make an effort to accelerate economic growth" and "...our new partnership with Imperial Distillery brings confidence and sustenance to our vision of the future..."

"Again", the news release reads, "congratulations on being a progressive advocate and voice on behalf of our member businesses, community and organizations.  We look forward to what other great initiatives are to come."

Two things.  I thought you might like to know about this letter of support and, it sounds to me like the Chamber is expecting more good news in the near future.

Michelson Retires

You may remember he won the election in Moose Jaw North with the promise of building a new hospital in our city.  12 years later Warren Michelson is announcing he will not seek re-election.

Mr. Michelson wrote some nice things when he shared the news on social media.  He says serving his constituents has been gratifying and he points to the construction of our new hospital, Mosaic Place and YaraCentre as some of the hi-lights of his three terms in office.

A number of people reacted including a local man who delivered a short tribute that's about as nice as anyone could hope for.

He wrote, "Thanks for your service Warren.  You challenged status quo, were elected on the promise  that we could be so much more and worked tirelessly to see that through.  You are a vocal advocate for all things Moose Jaw, you serve your constituents to the best of your ability and when it comes time to retire, will certainly have left things better than you found them."

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire?

Most of us dream about having a $million.  Can you imagine having a $billion?  That's one thousand $million.  There are an estimated 2,208 billionaires in our world.

Oxfam released their annual international report this week ahead of the annual World Economic Forum in Switzerland.  It brings some of the wealthiest people on the planet together.

It's interesting to note, the number of billionaires has almost doubled in the past decade.  Oxfam is calling for action as the gap between rich and poor grows.

They're calling on nations to institute tax systems that are more fair by raising personal and corporate tax levels on the wealthy and finding ways to close tax loopholes the rich always seem to find.

They're also calling on the rich to explore universal health care and free education in our poorest countries.

As I read about this, it struck me that here at home, local millionaires continually make major contributions to local health care, youth and education.  Maybe the world's richest could learn a lesson from them.  

Blue Monday

A Facebook friend of mine got up this morning and went straight to social media, writing, "Ugh.  January.  The whole month is just a giant Monday."

I wonder if she knows this is Blue Monday.

It's the 3rd Monday in January.  We're all suffering from a lack of daylight and many are worried about the debt we incurred over the Holiday Season.  Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

A travel company made it up a few years ago as a way to get us thinking about a tropical holiday.

If that's not in the cards for you, take some advice from the mental health experts.  They're telling us to get some fresh air and daylight today.  They also recommend we take time to smile at people and reflect on the good things we have in our lives.  It'll give you new energy and optimism.

Good luck with that today and I'll talk to you on Tuesday.  As of tomorrow, we'll only have 56 days until spring.

Did that cheer you up?  Ya, me neither.

Mac the Moose

He's having some fun with it just like Scoop Lewry used to do, promoting our city with a little humour and some personality.

Moose Jaw mayor Fraser Tolmie took the bate this week when two local guys made a video, demanding action, after learning our mascot, Mac the Moose, is now the 2nd tallest moose in the world.

The folks in Norway, a few years ago, built a beautiful moose, all covered in chrome.  They laid claim to having the "tallest" moose in the world.

Now there's a campaign on to make Mac number one again.  Locals and former Moose Javians are all over social media having fun with this.

The City of Moose Jaw and Tourism Moose Jaw have called a news conference for Monday where they'll discuss what options Mac might have to become #1 again.

No matter what happens, they're talking about Moose Jaw - in Norway and across our country.  That's what mayor Tolmie was hoping for.  

And to get you in the spirit, sing along to this.

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