Father's Day

Are you celebrating Father's Day with your dad this weekend?

I love to see it and we'll see it on Sunday...sons and daughters with their dads.  We'll see dads golfing with their kids, riding bikes and playing ball and walking and smiling and laughing.  Special.

It's a sad day for many.  Chances are many will visit dad's grave site this weekend and shed a tear or two.

Funny, while I will take some time to remember my late father this Sunday, it won't be a particularly emotional day because my Dad didn't really recognize Father's Day.  I didn't either.  We had a lot of Father's Days, throughout the year.  I was pretty lucky, looking back.  I had a good dad with good morals who gave me the freedom to be me while still sternly keeping me in line.  

If you're a dad, Happy Father's Day to you.  I hope it's a great day.  If your dad is still around, I hope you celebrate with him this Sunday and maybe a time or two next week and the week after that because any day can be Father's Day. 


He was listening yesterday and he's fired up.  A local man by the name of Rob Turner. He is upset over the City of Moose Jaw moving to front curbside trash collection.  I talked about it on this commentary yesterday.

I took issue with the fact council pushed the implementation back.  He's taking issue with front curbside collection.

Mr. Turner lives in an area where there are no garages or driveways off the street.  He says almost everyone parks on the street and he doesn't think the garbage collection on his street will work.  He says it's a waste of time and he's hoping his friends will join him and let city hall know they don't like it.

Mr. Turner has much support.  His friend Paul says "Works well for affluent areas with front garages...not so well for me unless I keep my can on my front yard which looks terrible."

And then there's Kurt who pointed out, and I quote, "Politicians are elected because of popularity, not competency."

Front Curb Trash

I get it.  I get why the experts at Moose Jaw City Hall believe we need to make the move to front curb garbage service.  They say it'll save us money with less wear and tear on our back alleys and our equipment.

What I don't get is city council's decision to delay it this summer.

Councilor Don Mitchell's motion to push the program back was passed 4-3.  He wants more public input and communication.

It's not a big deal, I suppose, but did we not elect councilors to make those decisions?

Do we not hire skilled professionals to make those recommendations?  Yes, yes we do.

Councilor Crystal Froese voted against Mitchell's motion.  She says she has trust in our city administration that they have a good plan - a plan that has already been discussed and we should get on with it.

Hear, hear, councilor Froese!  Hear, hear.

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