Oh, Christmas Tree

Yesterday I was reminded of a conversation I had last summer which had me referencing a conversation I had over 40 years ago.  

I have this big tree, a blue spruce - probably planted about 65 years ago.  The top is full of pine cones which are now weighed down with heavy frost.  I think the top's gonna break off that tree.  It's happened before.  It'll be OK.

Last summer I was telling a friend about the hours of work I had ahead of me, raking and picking up an unusually large crop of pine cones around that tree and another blue spruce beside it.  He questioned how pine cones could come from a spruce tree.  "I don't think they're called pine cones", he said.

I said "I know they're called pine cones 'cause my Dad told me that when I questioned him when I was a boy."

I didn't go look it up at the library back then - I just trusted my Dad.  But, making use of modern technology this summer, I looked it up on my cel phone.  Yep, my Dad was right.  That made me happy.

Outdoor Rinks

It's ironic, really.  Kids today are used to their elders telling them how good they have it.  In this case, we had it way better than they do.

The City of Moose Jaw will start flooding our outdoor skating rinks this week with an eye on having them ready for fun during the Holiday Season.  The shacks are locked and the rinks are unsupervised.  If you want to use the shack you can get the keys at City Hall.  The rinks are scraped and flooded once or twice a week, as I understand it.

When I was a kid we had a supervisor at the rinks every day.  4:00 'til 9:00 on weekdays with extended hours on the weekends.  City employees manned the shacks.  They'd build a nice fire to keep us warm and at the end of the night all the boys and girls at the rink would help out with the shoveling.  At that point, the worker would bring out the hose and give the rink a flood.  We'd head home happy, knowing we'd have a nice, fresh sheet of ice ready to go the next day.

A lot of things have changed over the years.  We don't have nearly as many people playing outdoor hockey anymore and it's not economically feasible to service our rinks the way we used to.  

Truth is, we didn't know how good we had it.

Facebook Friday

It's my special treat for those of you who don't subscribe to Facebook.  You're missing some real gems.

Here's a middle aged friend of mine who used to play ball and hockey and party every weekend.  He's posting recipes now.

The Moose Jaw Dayz Facebook page is very active in recent days with a number of people posting some wonderful, historical photos of our city.  You've gotta see them.

Here's a letter to Santa:  "Dear Santa, I"ve been good all year.  OK, most of the time.  Once in a while.  Ah, never mind, I'll buy my own stuff."

Another guy writes, "My alone time is sometimes for YOUR safety."

Here's a nice one;  "I've found if you love life, life will love you back."

And we'll finish with....."My bank has informed me Facebook friends cannot be used as references for a car loan.  You people are useless."

Messy Desk

You've heard the word "neurotic", right?  It's an adjective that means unstable or unbalanced, abnormally sensitive, obsessive, tense or anxious.  It's not a good way to be.

Well, a new study has concluded those of us with messy desks are neurotic.  Seriously. The results are shared on MarketWatch.com this week.

They say our co-workers judge us by our clutter.  Some believe it makes us look lazy.  I always thought a messy desk made me look busy!  Nope.  The study found being messy and unorganized "can have an adverse effect on your relationships at work or in your personal life...If people associate a messy person with being careless, these impressions...negatively impact how they interact with you."

The experts are recommending we clean up our act.  They say we can make our desks neater by keeping a junk drawer or a file cabinet to store miscellaneous items and, if you can't store it, stack it.  Oh, and they say after we dust, we should use a wet wipe to shine things up a little.

Apparently we'll still be unstable and unbalanced but our co-workers and supervisors won't know it.

Funny Words

I'm thinking, if you can incorporate them into your every day conversation, you'll make people happy.

Researchers have decided on some of the funniest words in the English language.  This is serious.  They've found the letter K and the sound "oo" seem to show up in funny words.  They studied words and their impact on emotions and broke it down into six categories from animals to profanity, partying and insults to sex and bodily functions.

Among their conclusions?  Age and gender did not come into play in what we find humorous.

So, now you want to know the funniest words, right?

Well, the top 10 include upchuck, bubby and wriggly along with yaps, giggle, cooch and guffaw with puffball and jiggly earning their spots.  Oh, and there's one some might find offensive on this family radio show.

Now, proceed with caution.  If you were to call someone a "jiggly puffball" today, you might not get a "guffaw" out of them.

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