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This week marked the start of this year's Asphalt Paving Program in Assiniboia.

The Town Council approved $265,000 for trench filling and deep patching throughout the community. They choose which streets they will repair based on the visual damage to the roads as well as how many complaints the town has received regarding that particular road.

Mayor of Assiniboia, Bob Himbeault, explained how the trenches ended up in the road in the first place.

"Past utility trenches have settled and caused a dip. The dip makes it not that great for driving on because they're at 90 degrees all the time, and water lays there. It's even difficult to sweep the streets."

Although this will be the start of the 2018 Asphalt Paving Program, this isn't technically the start of the entire project according to Himbeault.

"We had done, I wouldn't say half last year, but a very large amount and these are the ones we didn't finish. After this year, this type of thing will be about 90% done."

Due to them doing the job a single street at a time, traffic in the town isn't expected to be affected. Himbeault goes on to add that these road repairs aren't mandatory, and it was the town's choice to do them.

For more information, you can head to the Assiniboia website.

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