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When it comes to wildlife, it's best to take a 'hand's off' approach - even when you think that there might be an orphaned animal who needs rescuing.

"A lot of the times, the public seems to think that an animal is orphaned when in fact, it's not," explains Lindsey Leko, a senior Conservation Officer, "Fawns, a lot of time when they are very young, the mother is will leave the animal alone as it goes and searches for food. And it knows exactly where that fawn is, and is probably keeping an eye on it."

He goes on to say that while many kind-hearted people only want to help, they may be doing more harm than good.

"The public will go out and see this baby deer and think that the mother isn't here, I have to protect it, And in reality, they're not helping at all. The best thing they should do is just leave that animal alone. The mother knows exactly where it's at."

"If you are next to a road and you see a doe that's been hit by a car and the fawn is right next to it, you can call your conservation officer and we would help you locate a permitted rehabilitator, someone who knows what they are doing."

It's not only deer where these issues arise.

"A lot of the times, a bird will fall out of the nest. It's one of those situations where the bird gets kicked out and it spends a good amount of time on the ground learning how to fly. A lot of the times, the bird is perfectly fine but you're going to want to keep your pets away from it."

"Worse case scenario, you pick it up and put it right back in the nest. There's that old saying about how the bird won't take it back because of the scent, but if you think about it, birds don't have a great sense of smell so that's not necessarily the case. You can easily put that bird back in the nest and everything will be fine."

Interacting with these animals could be dangerous to you as well.

"Some people feel that baby skunks are cute but they are a vector species for rabies, and that is something you want to avoid."

The public may also not realize that taking an animal out of the wild is against the law.

"If you are found in possession of wildlife that is not permitted, the possibility is that you could be charged."

He added that is not something that they do very often but it is an option where a person is caught taking in animals multiple times.

"We understand too, that the public are only trying to help and we definitely take that into consideration. But we want them to know that it is not something we want them to do all the time."

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Jumpstart Applications Are Available Online

Click here for more information.

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