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'Enough is enough' is what two women from Moose Jaw have said, and they recently stepped forward hoping to have regulation standards in the aesthetics industry put in place for not only our city, but all of the province.

The pair are educators and service providers that have helped clients who have suffered from infections and other health risks from equipment that wasn't clean and improper techniques. 

A few months back they approached a local MLA for advice on how to proceed, along with conversations with other cities and neighboring provinces regarding laws and enforcement. 

Just recently, the two took their movement even further and made a presentation to the provincial government at the legislature. 

"It went really well, but it's a long road ahead," said Christy Petruic-Drake. "The first thing that they suggested that we do is commence an aesthetics association and this will be the start of setting sanitation, disinfection and sterilization standards in Saskatchewan; this would be for all certified aestheticians."

Despite not having one specific incident that sparked their passion, she said they've had new clients walk through their door in pain and they want better care for residents. 

"I think in recent years there has been such an influx of aestheticians and nail technicians that are 'certified' so to speak, but have only taken a couple classes or an hour long course. There's lots of things happening to the customers whether it's amputations from diabetes or nail trauma, respiratory problems from no control in the industry."

Petruic-Drake and Laura-Lee Casemore said they would like not only aestheticians, but also the clients who go into businesses and home-based salons to know what risks are associated with treatments and practices. 

"We follow sanitation, disinfection and sterilization to-a-T, we make sure that we sure we have two sinks, one for tools and one for hand washing," said Casemore. "We keep charts that show when we need to change our disinfectants; we just keep up with the trade and the industry so the protection of the client is first and foremost."

As they continue on with hopes of eventual laws coming down from the government, they need to rally troops and share information. 

"We grow by numbers and that's what going to make us stronger. It'll help weed out people who aren't educated in our industry," added Casemore. "We're not asking for a journeyperson status, just to be certified in something from an accredited school."

Currently there is no legislation or mandates active in Saskatchewan for salons and nail techs to uphold that would keep the general public out of harm's way.  

The two are hoping to have their association up and running by the new year, taking to social media and networking to gather others with the same values to join their group.


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