Outdoor Pool Schedule and Sportsplex Maintenance Details

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The transition is underway downtown as crews prepare the city for the One Horse Town concert coming to Moose Jaw on Friday.    

Street and sidewalk closures are now in place on Main Street from High to Ominca and similar closures are in effect on parts of Fairford Street West.  

Some local businesses are feeling the impact.  Randy Baciu owns a small business on Fairford Street.  He wasn't aware of the timetable of the closures until he came to work Tuesday morning.  

“I show up this morning and all of a sudden we have people putting up barricades saying that as of tonight we're going to have your street shut off. I'm going, it really would have been nice if I'd had some notice”.

Director of Parks and Recreation Ted Schaeffer talked about why the announcement went out so late.

"Some of the businesses right at the intersection of Main and Fairford, we've had some discussions with a little earlier. We were still in discussions with One Horse Town as late as (Monday) trying to finalize the setup.  So some of the businesses that are a little farther away but are still impacted by the street closure, we didn't get out to them until late (Monday) to let them know the full impact of the road closure.  We certainly apologize for the inconvenience that it causes and the fact that we weren't able to give a little more notice than we would have liked to. But we're hopeful that the magnitude and the exposure level of the event will be worthwhile for the community and the community will support it."

While the preparation is happening traffic to stores and restaurants is being affected.  Rob Hamilton runs a downtown sandwich shop and he told DiscoverMooseJaw they felt the pinch at lunch on Tuesday.

“Guaranteed man. Absolutely. Down about half”.

The One Horse Town stage will face east and will be set up at the corner of Fairford and Main.  Fairford St E from Main to Langdon Crescent will be shut down starting Thursday evening.  That is where the audience will be gathering.

Tear down is expected to start right after the show, and the city hopes to have everything back to normal by Sunday evening.

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Outdoor Pool Schedule and Sportsplex Maintenance Details

Click here for information.

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