The new Mayor, Clive Tolley, signed a proclamation marking this Saturday, November 20th as National Child Day in Moose Jaw and it should be a day of observance.

The proclamation was brought forward by Moose Jaw's Early Childhood Coalition.

The coalition has been running since the late 70's early 80's and it's made up of representatives from the education and health districts, early learning and child care and the network reaches throughout Moose Jaw.

The coalition stands for bettering the journey and the outcome for young children aged 0 to 5 years. It also ensures that Canada keeps its commitment to raising happy and healthy children and keeps our children as one of the main priorities in our community. They believe that children have the right to primary consideration in economic, social, and political decisions, policies, programs, and expenditures that affect them.

Therefore, the coalition works with several local agencies around the city and the surrounding area to help children and their families have easy access to support, education, health, and child care programs.

Recently, the development of the Early Years Family Centre has come to fruition. The facility has moved to the former John Chisholm School. It has a play area for kids and their families to use, and it gives them access to multiple sources of information and services. It offers free bags of supplies for families to take home, and it also puts on family activities for kids and the families to participate in.

"It's a beautiful facility, and family centre means that all families are welcome and all services are free for those children," says Christine Boyczuk, member of the Early Childhood Coalition.

The center has a large focus on the involvement of caregivers and parents.

"We know that family is the first and most important teacher, usually the parents. This is of huge importance to us and of course, part of this goes back to national Child Day because the importance of this year is the right of children to survive. Which means loving care, respect, and support for the family as well as the child," says Boyczuk.

Two school divisions, the health district with the Kids First organization which works within the SHA, the Early Childhood Intervention Program, the Multicultural Council, and Moose Jaw Literacy are all agencies and organizations that provide resources and work with the family center and operate with the coalition.

"So, there are several agencies that collaborate to develop projects. To do what one agency can not do by themself. Which is preparing and helping families help children in their readiness for school, and such things as brain development and language development and so on," says Boyczuk.

In recognition of National Child Day this Saturday, the Early Years Family Center will be hosting a Facebook Live video Saturday at 9:30 am. Tina Dolcetti a Children's Librarian, will be doing a live book reading. There will also be a limited number of gift bags available for people to claim that will contain one of the books they will read. Visit the center's Facebook Page to participate in the Livestream.

For anyone looking to access the programming and the Early Years, Family Center can call either Christine Boyczuk at 306-693-0609 or call the center at 306-691-0202. People can also email [email protected]


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