'The Evolution of the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan' is a new book by Author Amy Jo Ehman, who was commissioned to write it to mark the 40th anniversary of the Provincial Court of Saskatchewan.

Holding court on the hoods of vehicles in sub-zero temperatures in Saskatchewan winter, taking cash for fine payments and then driving away with no security to keep themselves or the money safe, and physically writing out the receipts themselves for the fines they collected - these are just a few of the stories you can read about in the new book.

"He tells stories about holding court in small town halls or classrooms before there was central heating, all clustered around the pot belly stove in the middle of the room trying to keep warm."

Ehman says the book would serve as a good education tool and explains where it can be found.

"I think that one of the key audiences for this book is school children. People who are studying legal issues and the history of Saskatchewan."

"Strangely this book is not for sale. The Provincial Court Judges Association printed a limited number of books; however, they have put they entire book up online. Anybody can read it who wants to. They've donated many copies to libraries and educational institutions. You can find it on the Sask Law website and you can be reading it in two minutes flat."

The book is full of interesting and compelling stories about the people and the places that influenced the provincial court system.


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