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With the weather this cold, it’s easy to see why people are thinking of holidays to warmer destinations.

C.A.A. Saskatchewan’s Christine Niemczyk said that there have been a lot of people recently booking their holidays, with the preference being warmer climates.

“It definitely has been steady, be they from in person, in phone calls or emails, but definitely people looking for a quick getaway to somewhere warm,” said Niemczyk. “It’s almost like anywhere but here.”

The sun destinations are the most popular, and the most popular or the sun destinations include Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii or the Caribbean.

In order to make sure your travel plans go well, Niemczyk said it pays to make sure your flight plans are in order, especially during a peak travel period.

“And also check your flight status prior to driving for the airport,” said Niemczyk. “Know your airline’s cancellation policy. Some airlines may be waiving fees and issuing changes due to possible rebooking policies, and you don’t want to leave town... without your travel insurance.”

She said it’s also a good idea to be alert and aware of your surroundings everywhere when you’re at your destination, especially if you’re leaving an all-inclusive resort. Know your limits and keep your personal safety top of mind, Niemczyk said.

“Don’t travel with expensive stuff like jewellery, personal possessions You can always lock up, like passports and your personal devices,” she said. “Make sure your passport is up to date and it’s important to know what the valid time period is required by some the countries you plan to visit.”

She said that if you’re packing medications, keep them in their original containers and store them in your carry-on bags. Make photocopies of your passports and credit cards and leave them also with a family member or friend back home.

They always recommend going to see a trusted travel consultant and also check the government of Canada’s website traveller’s advice and advisory content on it.

And when you’re visiting other destinations, there’s also the home front to be concerned with. Cancellations of newspapers and mail delivery is something to think about, and she also says that social media might not be the best place to advertise when you’re not going to be home.

“Sometimes we let people where we’re going and how long we’ll be away,” Niemczyk said. “That can be considered personal and private information.”

Using timers for lights, and TV and radio, are also things to think about.

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