City of Moose Jaw - Supplementary Property Assessment Notices

The City has mailed 2018 Supplementary Property Assessment Notices.

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Every winter it appears as if more and more deer are showing up near our highways, our roads and even in town.

According to Darrel Crabbe, Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation, there's a simple answer.

"As white tail deer begin to rut the males start to move, the bucks start to move, pretty much in a straight line looking for does and of course they have no concern about crossing roads and et cetera," explained Crabbe. "So there'll be a lot more people seeing them and the deer start to move around feeding and that much more now. There's gonna be a lot more movement over the next few months."

So, with deer moving around more and more, what's the safe option, as millions of dollars worth of damages are caused by collisions with deer every year.

Crabbe said that deer tend to hang out more in valleys and areas with more trees near the road, and that the signage in the province also marks areas that deer are in very well.

"Just slow down a little bit because deer have a habit of darting out onto the road so if they slow down and just take an extra few minutes," said Crabbe. "Even more so in those low light conditions, dusk and dawn, when we're all having a little difficulty focusing in on whats ahead of us, but, if they took a few more minutes we hope everyone can make it home safely."

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