July 9 – July 10, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 53 calls for service.

9:44 am – Found Property – A person turned in a found cell phone. Police contacted the owner, who stated they will attend to the Police station to retrieve it.

10:28 am – Assist to Locate – A person left a residence and had not returned, which was unusual for them. Prior to Police dispatch the person returned.

11:06 am – 911 Call – A person was walking down the street yelling and screaming violently at people. Police attended and found the person as described. The person was only listening to music and rapping with ear buds in.

11:33 am – Fraud – A complainant had notification that someone had attempted to use their credit card. The complainant stated they had suspects and just wanted the Police to be aware.

12:05 pm – Theft Under – A person filled a vehicle with gas and left the area. The licence plate was obtained. Police contacted the registered owner, who stated it was a mistake and would arrange payment promptly.

1:47 pm – Break & Enter – A complainant stated their house was broken into. Police attended and spoke with the complainant, who stated that no break and enter had occurred, but rather their ex may have been there. The complainant would like their ex spoken to.

2:20 pm – Assault – A complainant called and stated that a family member had assaulted them. They requested Police to attend to their work to speak on the matter. Police spoke with the complainant via phone, who hung up on them, and then spoke to other party involved. Conflicting stories were given, and Police gave advice.

2:27 pm – Theft Under – A complainant stated that a family member took keys a week prior and was refusing to return them. Police spoke with the complainant, who stated they were going to try sorting something out with the family member as it is a civil matter.

3:33 pm – Fraud – A complainant stated that they had upwards to $2,000 taken from accounts over the weekend. Police obtained a statement to forward to the agencies in which the fraud took place.

4:28 pm – Damage – A chain link fence was cut sometime the day prior. Police attended and determined that it most likely was caused by a garbage truck. The complainant advised they will contact the City themselves.

4:40 pm – Erratic Driving – Received from RCMP, a vehicle was noted to be driving all over the road concerning other motorists. Police attended to the highway but did not see the vehicle in question.

4:56 pm – Break & Enter – A complainant stated that the neighbour’s front door appeared to be kicked in, and the neighbours are away. Police attended. They are to speak with the persons responsible for the residence while the owners are away.

5:20 pm – 911 Call – A complainant stated the neighbour’s dog attacked them and their dog. Police attended and spoke with both parties. Both were warned of the dog bylaw. The situation was mediated.

6:21 pm – Fraud – A complainant stated they had been scammed via Facebook. The complainant stated that they lost $200 already, and the person on the other end attempted to get more money from them, but they had clued in.

6:55 pm – Other Bylaw – A person on a motorbike was stunting with someone videoing. Police attended to the area but did not see any motorbikes stunting.

8:09 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated they were in the middle of moving when they returned to the previous residence to pick up more items and found the place ransacked and items stolen. Police attended and noted that some household items had been taken. This is under investigation.

8:32 pm – Suspicious Person – People appeared to be hiding out in the bushes in a vacant lot. Police attended to the area but did not find anyone as described by the complainant.

8:41 pm – Impaired Driving – A customer came into a store and left, getting into the driver’s seat of a vehicle while impaired. Police were advised of the situation and attended the area, but the licence plate provided did not match the description provided for the vehicle.

8:46 pm – Erratic Driving – A vehicle that is habitual in stunting in the area was reported to Police. Police attended to the area to speak with the driver, but it had left prior to Police arrival. No licence plate was obtained.

8:51 pm – Breach of Order – A person was on orders not to arrive at the residence of another person. The person on orders breached this. Police are investigating for charges.

9:05 pm – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant stated that the person above their unit had something stuck out the window that made them nervous. Police attended and spoke with the person, who stated that they had a poor wifi signal and placed the phone outside the window to get a boost.

9:24 pm – Assist Locate – A complainant stated that a person left the area extremely intoxicated and appeared to be suicidal. Police searched for the described individual and found them not far off, speaking with persons at a residence in good health and spirits and not intoxicated.

9:41 pm – Assist Elderly Person – Police received a call from a person who seemed very disorientated. Police attended to their residence where they were greeted by the person, as well as staff. The person was left in the care of staff and in good health.

10:04 pm – Disturbance – An argument took place between two family members. One person was reported to have been smashing items. Police attended, but one party had already left for the night to clear their head. No further Police action was required.

10:10 pm – Assist to Locate – A person had not returned to the residence by curfew. They left with a friend earlier in the day, but had not touched base with the residence since then. Police attended to the area and found the subject in question approximately one block from home. Police assisted in returning the subject to staff.

10:51 pm – Theft in Progress – A person entered a complainant’s vehicle. The complainant came upon this and kept the person detained. Police arrived on scene and spoke with the person and complainant. The person was taken home to family members.

11:37 pm – 911 Call – A person called 911 and hung up. When trying to contact the person back, it went straight to voicemail. Police ended up getting in touch with the person, who just wanted to discuss an issue they were having with their landlord. The person was advised to take it up with the landlord in the morning.

11:43 pm – Unwanted Guest – A complainant wanted a person in the residence to leave for various reasons. Police attended to find that the person had already cleared out all their belongings and left the residence.

1:49 am – Fire Call – Police were called upon to assist the Fire Department with a shed that had been set on fire. This is under investigation.

3:14 am – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant thought they had heard someone within the building. Police attended and spoke with the complainant, who stated they thought the noises they were hearing were that of someone who had hidden themselves somewhere to come out later after the business closed. Police cleared the building and no one was found.

Police responded to five 911 calls.
Police responded to three alarm calls.
Police assisted other government agencies in four cases.
Police responded to six parking bylaw infractions. 

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