August 21 – August 22, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 49 calls for service.

11:29 am – Theft of Bike – Sometime over the last week a bike was stolen. The incident is still under investigation.

12:05 pm – Dangerous Driving – The driver was located, spoken to, and warned regarding their driving actions.

4:54 pm – Disturbance – Dogs were left in a vehicle and a bystander was concerned for their wellbeing. The dogs were found to be in good health.

5:04 pm – Fraud – A subject gave some information to the Canadian Revenue Agency Scam, and advice was given to prevent further fraud. Police remind the public to never give your information out over the phone.

5:33 pm – Found Property – A purse was found and brought into the police station where it was exhibited until the owner attends to claim it.

6:02 pm – Assist to Locate – A subject had been spoken to by a friend and was confirmed to be okay.

8:13 pm – Fire Call – There was a report of a garbage bin being lit on fire, with two subjects fleeing the scene. Approximately $50 of damage was done and the incident is still under investigation.

8:19 pm – Theft Under – A suspect had stolen a cell phone from a business. A subject was later located and arrested on outstanding warrants and for being in possession of stolen property. They were released with a later court date.

9:37 pm – Noise Bylaw – The subjects were located and spoken to. They were warned under the noise bylaw.

10:52 pm – Unwanted Guest – A subject was spoken to and left the premises upon police arrival.

11:07 pm – Assistance to Sick Person – A subject was located and was taken to hospital where they were left in the care of staff.

1:32 am – Noise Bylaw – A resident was spoken to and warned under the noise bylaw.

4:41 am – Suspicious Vehicle – A driver was spoken to and was found to be in good health. They were having a nap after a long drive.

Police responded to seven 911 calls.
Police responded to two alarm calls.

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