October 10 – October 11, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 48 calls for service.

7:28 am – Attempted Theft of Vehicle – Sometime overnight someone attempted to steal a vehicle, which caused damage to the vehicle.

8:41 am – Police provided assistance to a semi driver trying to manoeuvre around the detours.

9:12 am – Theft Under – Sometime overnight a plate tamper was stolen from a work site valued at $1,500. Police continue to investigate.

9:19 am – Insecurity – The door was open on a vacant house. There was no one in the house and no damage. The door was locked but not closed properly. The door was secured.

9:35 am – Hit and Run – A hit and run occurred in a parking lot, with the damage estimated at $1,500.

9:55 am – MVA – A two vehicle accident occurred. This resulted in no injuries, two tows, and damage estimated at $10,000. One driver was charged with proceeding from a stop sign before it was safe.

10:45 am – Theft of Vehicle – Sometime overnight a trailer, two quads and a side by side were stolen, with an estimated value of $66,000. The vehicles were added to the Canada-wide system, and police continue to investigate.

11:39 am – Well Being Check – A caller requested a well-being check on a family member. The family member was located at home but wasn’t feeling well, and the complainant was advised.

11:40 am – Theft Under – Sometime overnight an unlocked vehicle was entered and parking meter change and keys were taken.

11:47 am – Erratic Driver – There was a report of an erratic driver in a parking lot with the  number obtained. Police are to speak to the registered owner.

12:31 pm – Property Dispute – A dispute took place between two people over property. One subject agreed to return the property, and the dispute was mediated.

1:48 pm – Police recovered a stolen auto, which was towed to the police station for processing.

3:18 pm – Well-Being Check – A complainant wished for a well-being check on their estranged family member who has health issues. The subject was located in fine health, and the complaint was advised.

4:03 pm – Police are investigating a report of possible possession of stolen property.

5:30 pm – Theft of Auto – Sometime overnight on October 9, a white 2016 Dodge Ram was stolen. A stolen auto form is to be signed to be added to CPIC.

6:00 pm – There was a report of a grey CCM bike stolen; police continue to investigate.

6:39 pm – There was a report of someone sleeping on the sidewalk. The area was searched, but the subject had moved on. The subject was later located walking in the area, and they advised they didn’t wish for police assistance.

7:01 pm – Dispute – There was a dispute between two parties mediated by police.

10:29 pm – a complainant witnessed a driver texting and driving with the plate number obtained. Police are to speak to the complainant.

10:36 pm – Noise Bylaw – Tenants were being noisy for the past hour. The tenants were spoken to and warned.

11:10 pm – Theft – There was a report of a theft caught on video; police continue to investigate.

4:55 pm – Attempted Theft – There was a report of a vehicle with the doors open and the glove box gone through.  Police are waiting to hear back from the registered owner to see if anything was stolen.

Police responded to four 911 calls.
Police responded to four parking bylaw infractions.
Police executed two warrants.
Police issued five warrants for failures to attend court.

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