October 28 – October 29, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 38 calls for service.

6:46 am – Unwanted Guest – A subject was found to be intoxicated and was dropped off in the care of a sober friend.

6:48 am – Unwanted Guest – The subject left prior to police arrival. 

7:05 am – Hit and Run- Three vehicles were involved. This resulted in two tows and $25,000 in damages. The matter is under investigation for charges.

7:14 am – Driving Prohibition – A male was found to be passed out at the wheel and was arrested for prohibited driving.

7:35 am – Unwanted Guest – An individual was a guest of the home owner. Everyone was getting along, and there was no need for police action.

8:15 am - Unwanted Guest – The subject left prior to police arrival on request of the staff.

2:06 pm – Dispute – An individual purchased a vehicle from the subject who still has a set of keys and continues to use the vehicle. The matter is under investigation.

3:05 pm – Bike Theft – Two bikes were stolen in the past couple of weeks. This included a red adult mountain bike and ladies white bike with a gel padded seat. The bikes are valued at $300.00.

3:23 pm – Unwanted Guest – The subject was sleeping next to restaurant doors and ordered food when he awoke but had no means to pay. The subject will be issued a ban letter.

4:27 pm – Well Being Check – A complainant was concerned for the wellbeing of a family member. Police attend the residence and found the subject to be in good health.

4:29 pm – Mischief – A male was digging through donation bins. Police located the subject and the individual was arrested on outstanding warrants.

8:13 pm – Driving Impaired – A subject’s vehicle was reported to be driving all over the road and suspected to be impaired. The vehicle was located and it was determined that the subject was not impaired.

9:18 pm – Dangerous Driving – A semi was reported to be driving erratically.  Police conducted a traffic stop and the driver was warned of his driving actions.

11:50 pm – Barking Dogs – Police attended to the area and gave a warning to the homeowner.

12:11 am – Mischief – Three windows were smashed out of the complainant’s vehicle causing $1,100 in damages. The matter is still under investigation.

12:44 am – Hit and Run – A hit and run caused $10,000 in damages. The matter is still under investigation.

Police responded to two 911 calls.
Police executed three warrants.

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