November 25 – November 26, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 29 calls for service.

6:54 am – MVA – A two vehicle accident resulted in one tow, $20,000 of damage, no injuries and no charges.

8:48 am – Unwanted Guest – A male showed up stating that he has nowhere to go. He was brought back to Moose Jaw Police Service to make some arrangements to get home.

9:44 am – Breach of Recognizance – No contact conditions were put in place and were breached. The complainant stated that her vehicle was tampered with as well and provided a statement.

10:05 am – Mischief – A complainant was having issues with tenants in the building and suspected that they were responsible for damage to the vehicle. Police provided advice as it is a civil issue.

12:17 pm – Assault – A charged individual was not welcome in a residence. Upon police arrival the individual was charged with assault and resisting police.

2:25 pm – Unwanted Guest – A male was asked to leave the premises several times. Police arrested him on outstanding warrants.

1:56 pm – Harassing Communication – A complainant requested that the individual be contacted and be advised to cease all communication.

3:26 pm – Mischief – Sometime since yesterday the complainant’s door was kicked in, causing approximately $500.00 in damages. There are no suspects or witnesses at this time.

3:33 pm – Theft – Two 30-foot rope lights were stolen off of a tree. The matter is still under investigation.

5:21 pm – Mischief – A sidewalk was spray painted with profanities. The City was notified for clean up.

6:10 pm – Theft – Two individuals attempted to leave a business with unpaid merchandise. The matter is still under investigation.

8:51 pm – Intoxicated Person – An individual was asked to leave a local establishment. Employees were concerned about the individual’s level of intoxication. The individual was located and left in the care of family.

8:58 pm - Threats – The individual was spoken to regarding their actions.

11:01 pm – Well Being Check – The individual was found to be at home and in good health.

11:13 pm – Dispute – Parties were sent on their way.

11:45 pm – Unwanted Guest – The individual was arrested for public intoxication.

Police responded to one alarm call.
Police responded to one 911 call. 

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