November 28 – November 29, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 33 calls for service.

7:56 am – Breach Court Order – An adult failed to attend for fingerprinting.  A warrant was issued.

12:17 pm – Assist EMS – An adult was found unresponsive and was taken to hospital by EMS.

2:12 pm – Theft – Theft from a local business occurred. This is still under investigation.

2:16 pm – Fail to Appear Court – A warrant was issued.

3:18 pm – Suspicious Vehicle – A vehicle was parked in a vacant lot with two people inside. The complainant thought the vehicle was suspicious.  The vehicle was checked and everyone was okay.

4:15 pm – Recovered Stolen Vehicle – The vehicle was located. Police are investigating it to process for identification purposes.

4:27 pm – Trespassing – An adult who was previously banned from a business re-entered the business.  A ticket was issued.

4:52 pm – Fraud – An adult was trying to return stolen merchandise for money. This is still under investigation.

6:19 pm – Well Being Check – There was a request to check on children who are supposed to have supervised visits with a parent.  The well being check was completed on the children.

7:10 pm – Intoxicated Person – An adult was found to be extremely intoxicated.  An adult was arrested and held until sober.

7:46 pm – Unwanted Guest – An adult was refusing to leave a residence.  They left upon Police request.

9:24 pm – Theft – An adult took drinks after a dispute over payment not going through.  This is still under investigation to obtain video.

10:24 pm – Well Being Check – A request was made to check on an adult who was posting suspicious messages on social media.  The subject no longer lives in Moose Jaw.  A message was sent to another Police agency to check.  The subject was okay and was with family.

11:16 pm – Dispute – An adult was trying to saw down a fence.  The neighbourhood dispute was mediated.

11:16 pm – Noise Bylaw – An adult was banging around and being loud in the apartments.  No noise was heard upon Police arrival.  The tenant was warned.

3:51 am – Dispute – An adult was not home by house curfew and was locked out.  Advice was provided.

Police responded to one alarm call.
Police responded to five 911 calls.
PACT was deployed on three occasions.

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