December 9 – December 10, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 26 calls for service.

7:01 am – Disturbance – A subject was arrested for causing a disturbance and assaulting a police officer. The individual was released for court at a later date.

11:39 am – Dispute – A family dispute was mediated.

11:57 am – Fraud Other – A complainant bought power tools and never received them. The subject was spoken to. The complainant was advised to go through small claims court as it’s a civil matter.   

1:01 pm – Parking Bylaw – A vehicle was parked in front of a complainant’s driveway. The registered owner was notified.

2:10 pm – Dispute – A dispute took place between parties. Advice was given and the situation was mediated.

4:17 pm – Well Being Check – A subject’s family was concerned about their well-being. The subject was checked on and all was okay.  

5:16 pm – Insecurity – A house was vacant and doors were wide open all day. The house was secured.

8:00 pm – Noise Bylaw – Young children were wrestling and making noise. The tenant was spoken to.

8:23 pm – Well Being Check – A subject was living in a car and was spoken to. PACT will be advised of the current situation.

9:12 pm – MVA Over – A single motor vehicle accident occurred. The subject was driving too fast for road conditions. The vehicle was towed and a ticket was issued. No injuries resulted. 

9:52 pm – Threats – A complainant received partially threatening text messages. This is still under investigation.

11:00 pm – Suspicious Vehicle – A vehicle was parked on the side of the road, not impeding traffic. The registered owner was contacted and will move it tomorrow.

12:16 am – Towed Vehicle – An unregistered vehicle was parked on the street. Attempts were made to contact the registered owner, but there was no response. The vehicle was towed.

1:16 am – Well Being Check – A complainant was concerned about a subject’s well-being. The subject was checked and was okay.

Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police responded to two city callouts.

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