February 11 – February 12, 2019
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 34 calls for service.

9:24 am – Theft Under – An employee was charged with theft after they were found to be taking money. 

9:54 am – Collision – A vehicle slipped out of a rut and hit a parking meter. No injuries resulted, but there was approximately $2500 in damages. 

10:37 am – Drug Possession – The suspect is known, and this is still under investigation. 

12:11 pm – Abandoned Vehicle – Police contacted the owner who was having engine problems and will have it moved by the end of the day. 

1:59 pm – Abandoned Vehicle – There were two vehicles parked for over a month. The tires have been marked and police attempted to contact the registered owners. The cards will be towed if not moved in 48 hours. 

3:31 pm – Suspicious Vehicle – A suspect was trying to start a car with a screwdriver and wasn’t pleasant towards the complainant.

3:50 pm – Dispute – Third party information was reporting violence in a home. Police are still investigating. 

4:20 pm – Assist Ambulance – Two vehicles were involved, with minor injuries resulting. There was approximately $10,000 in damage. Police are still investigating.

4:47 pm – Mischief – There were footprints around a house that had been recently evicted and the garage was door left open. Police are still investigating.

4:54 pm – Well Being Check – The complainant was concerned that the subject took the wrong dosage of medication. The subject appeared to be in good health and no medical assistance was required. 

5:30 am – Assault – This was unfounded. A very intoxicated adult fell, which resulted in facial injuries.  They were left in the care of another adult.

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