February 26 – February 27, 2019
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 43 calls for service.

8:05 am – Hit and Run – Overnight a vehicle was hit while parked on a street.  $5,000 of damage was done.  There are no suspects at this time.

10:16 am – Alarm – An industrial property had alarms going off.  Upon arrival, the building was secure and it was deemed a false alarm.

10:51 am – Theft Under – During the night a shed was entered and various items were taken.  The loss was estimated at $800.  It was reported for information purposes.

11:24 am – Break and Enter – A garage was broken into sometime during the night, and $3,000 worth of items were taken. 

1:39 pm – Shoplifting – Merchandise was stolen from the Liquor Store.  It is still under investigation.

2:32 pm – Break and Enter – There was a break in to an industrial business.  It is still under investigation.

3:25 pm – Fraud – A caller rented a car on a certain date but received a camera speeding ticket from the rental car company for different dates.  This is still under investigation.

4:23 pm – Dispute – Two individuals were having a property dispute.  It was a civil issue regarding belongs.  The dispute was mediated.

5:41 pm – Landlord/Tenant Situation – An argument took place between a landlord and tenant.  The situation is still under investigation.

6:36 pm – Suspicious Person – An individual was acting suspicious in a business.  He was gone on police arrival.

7:38 pm – Unwanted Guest – A complaint of an unwanted guest to a residence was received.  Police attended and were able to mediate the situation, and the person left.

10:53 pm – Alarm – Alarms were going off at a business.  Upon arrival, all doors were secure and nothing was suspicious.

11:24 pm – Noise Bylaw – Semis were running in a residential area.  They were asked to move.  Both complied.

1:39 am – Vehicle Seizure – A driver was driving while suspended.  The vehicle was impounded.

Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to four 911 calls.
Police assisted other agencies in five cases.
Police responded to one city after hours call. 

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