August 14 – August 15, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 45 calls for service.

8:39 am – 800 Block Ominica St E – Mischief – The incident occurred July 1, 2017. Air was let out of vehicle tires.  It was reported to police for informational purposes.

9:22 am – Wakamow – MVA – The incident occurred sometime overnight.  A single vehicle hit a pole, causing approximately $5000 to the vehicle.

9:34 am – 400 Block River St W – Theft – The incident occurred sometime overnight, with an approximately $3000 loss.  Police continue to investigate.

10:06 am – 0 Block Manitoba St E – Assault – A subject was assaulted by an unknown person.  Police are still investigating to identify the subject responsible.

10:36 am – 1000 Block Lillooet St W – Theft from Vehicle – The incident occurred on August 12.  A vehicle was entered and property was taken.  It was reported to police for informational purposes.

10:40 am – 500 Block Main St N – Fraud – Cheque fraud.  Police are investigating to speak with the owner of the cheque.

11:23 am – 1400 Block Athabasca St W – Harrassing Calls – A complainant was being contacted and was accused of stealing property.  The complainant was provided with options and was advised it is a civil matter.

12:21 pm – 1200 Block Wolfe Av – Theft – Options were provided to a complainant.  A statement is to be obtained for further Police involvement.

12:27 pm – 1000 Block Stadacona St W – Mischief – The incident occurred approximately 4 days ago, when a window was shot out by a BB gun.  Police are to follow up as the complainant has a suspect.

1:24 pm – 900 Block Caribou St W – Breach Court Order – a statement is to be obtained for possible charges.

2:06 pm – 9th Av NE at Athabasca St E – Erratic Driving – A plate number and vehicle description were obtained from a vehicle being driven all over the road, with the vehicle nearly hitting other, parked vehicles.  Police located and spoke to the registered owner.

2:32 pm – 400 Block Caribou St W – Assault – A complainant was assaulted by an unknown suspect.  A statement was obtained, and the suspect is to be charged.

3:00 pm – 100 Block Coteau St E – Theft – A licence plate was stolen off a vehicle sometime in the last two weeks.  The licence plate is to be added to CPIC as stolen.

5:49 pm – 1200 Block 11th Av SW – Dispute – There was a verbal dispute between two parties, which was calmed down prior to Police arrival.  The incident was mediated.

6:46 pm – 1500 Block Duffield St – Mischief – Apples were being thrown at a vehicle and garage by a neighbour’s child.    The neighbour and child were spoken to, and the child was warned regarding their actions.  There was no damage to property.

8:04 pm – 1100 Block Grafton Av – Mischief – Between 7:00-8:00 pm, the rear window of a vehicle was smashed out, causing approximately $400 in damage.  It is unknown what caused the damage.

1:44 am – 800 Block 5th Av SW – Well Being Check – The subject was located and in good health.  The complainant was advised.

2:58 am – 400 Block Main St N – Mischief – Sometime between 7:30 pm and 2:58 am, unknown person(s) entered through a rear ramp door and spray painted ‘666’ in a few places.  Police continue to investigate.

Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to two 911 calls.
Police assisted two other agencies.
Police responded to three alarm calls.
Police attended to nine parking bylaws.

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