August 17 – August 18, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 58 calls for service.

7:01 am – 100 Block Wellington Dr – Other Bylaw – There was a dog at large, not dangerous, in the area. Police are investigating to speak with the owner.

8:05 am – 800 Block Connaught Av – Mischief – Someone had attempted to enter a vehicle, with lots of damage left. The damage is estimated at $2000, with no suspects or witnesses.

10:54 am – 300 Block Main St N – Break & Enter – A building was entered, with $20 estimated stolen, as well as some electronic equipment. The estimated loss is less than $100.

11:34 am – 0 Block Caribou St W – Abandoned Vehicle – A vehicle with a flat tire was sitting in a parking lot; the complainant was unsure if it was stolen. The vehicle was checked out and found to not be stolen, and police advised the complainant.

12:33 pm – 1000 Block Main St N – Break & Enter – A complainant thinks that someone is constantly breaking into their residence. Police spoke with both parties to work to a solution.

1:02 pm – 1100 Block 5th Av NW – Harassing Calls – A complainant states that someone out of the country is constantly harassing them. Police advised the individual that it is a civil matter and to contact a lawyer.

1:27 pm – 1000 Ominica St W – Parking Bylaw – A trailer was parked on city land. Police spoke with the registered owner to have it moved.

2:05 pm – 1300 Block Hochelaga St W – Suspicious Occurrence – A complainant states that a person is going around spreading rumours about them. Police spoke with the person and told them not to say bad things about the complainant.

2:47 pm – 1100 Block Athabasca St E – Dangerous Driving – A vehicle almost ran over one of the complainant’s employees. The licence plate was obtained. Police warned the owner of the vehicle and the driver of their actions.

4:56 pm – 800 Block Main St N – Unwanted Guest – A complainant stated that a person was on the property and was refusing to leave. Police attended and mediated the situation.

6:39 pm – 0 Block Ross St E – Suspicious Occurrence – a person was drinking alcohol in front of a building. Police attended and the suspect was either gone from the area, or went back inside.

7:08 pm – 1000 Block 12th Av SW – Suspicious Occurrence – There were people on sheds by the school, throwing singles off the building at passersby. Police attended and found no one on the roof of any building; they just found some people in the area using wifi.

7:55 pm – 400 Block Trinity Lane – Dispute – A complainant was having a dispute with staff. Staff will call back tomorrow to discuss the issue.

8:10 pm – 900 Blk Albert St – Theft Under – A complainant went away for a few days and a person had a party in the residence. Items were found to be missing when they returned. A suspect was appointed and police are investigating.

9:19 pm – 100 Block Athabasca St E – Intoxicated Person – A person was found to be intoxicated in public and was brought in to cells and held until sober.

10:07 pm – Caribou St W at Main St N – Breach of Recognizance – A person breached contact conditions, and the individual is to be charged.

10:18 pm – 400 Block Home St W – Domestic – A verbal argument could be heard in the residence of the complainant. Police attended and mediated, and two parties left in a cab.

11:09 pm – 600 Block Athabasca St W – Noise Bylaw – A complainant stated that a person listens to music very loud. Police were unable to attend at the time, and the complainant called back to let police know that the person had shut their music off for the night.

11:57 pm – 1000 Block Henry St – Breach of Undertaking – A person on curfew did not arrive home at the appropriate time. This is an ongoing issue.

12:26 am – 300 Block Lillooet St W – Suspicious Occurrence – Someone was banging on a complainant’s front door. Police attended and found the complainant’s family member trying to get in to the house.

1:38 am – 700 Block Lillooet St W – Mischief – The back window of a vehicle was broken out while the complainant was working. It is under investigation to follow up and get video from surrounding businesses.

1:12 am – 900 Block Athabasca St E – Disturbance – There was a dispute between two people, with one party requesting that the other cease all contact. Both parties were spoken to. Police mediated the situation.

3:10 am – 100 Block Fairford St E – Suspicious Person – The complainant stated that they heard three people making a ruckus in the alley, before moving on along Fairford eastbound. Police attended to the area but did not find any groups wandering.

Police responded to nine 911 calls.
Police responded to three bylaw calls.
Police responded to two alarm calls.
Police assisted two other police agencies.

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