August 23 – August 24, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 47 calls for service.

8:17 am – 300 Block Oxford St W –Found Property – Found property was turned in at the Police Station.  The items are to be returned to the owner.

8:47 am – 900 Block Fairford St E – Dispute – A repo company was attempting to repo a vehicle but had no authorization to be on the property.  Police provided options. 

9:53 am – 700 Block Stadacona St W – Found Property – A box fell off a vehicle while driving.  The box was returned to its owner.

10:12 am – 1300 Block Irving Av – Well Being Check – A terrible stench was coming from a residence.  The tenant was found in good health; the stench is from meat rotting due to the freezers being unplugged.

10:37 am – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Dispute – The yelling and screaming were over prior to Police arrival.  The subject responsible left prior to the Police’s arrival.

10:56 am – 1300 Block Irving Av – Dispute – An ongoing dispute was mediated for the time being.

12:07 pm – 500 Block Stadacona St W – Break & Enter – This occurred between August 10 and August 23, when a small window was broken and nothing was taken.  Police continue to investigate.

2:37 pm – 0 Block Carrington Dr – Found Property – A bullet in its casing was found.  Police attended and picked the bullet up for destruction.

2:44 pm – 0 Block Main St N – Found Property – A found cell phone was turned in to Police.  The owner was contacted to attend the station to retrieve it.

3:43 pm – 400 Block Langdon Cr – Suspicious Person – A subject seemed disoriented, swearing and gesturing and not making much sense.  The subject was located and spoken to.  The subject was in good health but was just having bad day.

4:30 pm – 100 Block Home St W – Well Being Check – The subject was located in good health.

4:56 pm – 300 Block Thatcher Dr E – Dispute – A complainant was yelled at by another driver over their driving actions and wishes for the subject responsible to be spoken to.  Police are to follow up with the other party.

8:54 pm – 600 Block Fairford St E – Fire Call – Stove fire.  The fire was contained prior to Police arrival.  No Police action was required.

9:01 pm – 1300 Block 11th Av SW – Drug Possess – A complainant was concerned with marijuana being smoked.  The subject responsible was spoken to and has a licence for medical marijuana.

9:04 pn – 1100 Block Grace St – Bicycle Theft – Sometime in the past half hour a black GT Professional Final BMX bike had been stolen.  Police continue to investigate.

10:04 pm – 300 Block 9th Av SW – Suspicious Occurrence – A subject was sitting on the railing of the bridge.  Police attended and located a female who was no longer sitting on the railing.  The subject was spoken to and advised that she was just waiting for friends.

10:46 pm – 1100 Block Elgin Av – Threats – A group of kids was threatened by another group of kids.  One party was charged with possession of drugs and a breach of Court Order and was released to a parent.  Police are still investigating to locate the party responsible for the threats and warn them for their actions.

10:54 pm – 600 Block Main St N – Noise Bylaw – Vehicle descriptions were obtained for vehicles causing excessive noise. The vehicles were located and the drivers were spoken to.

11:15 pm – 200 Block Main St N – Hit & Run – The incident occurred between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm, with damage to the driver’s side rear panel.  Police are to follow up for possible video.

12:23 am – 1100 Block 1st Av NW – Attempted Break & Enter – Phone and internet wires to a house were cut, and the window screen was pried open.  No entry was gained to the residence.  Police continue to investigate.

12:50 am – 1200 Block 5th Av NW – Theft from Vehicle – A vehicle was entered and loose change was taken.  The subjects responsible were caught by the owner, provided their names, and left prior to Police arrival.  Police continue to investigate.

12:56 am – 500 Block 9th Av SW – Theft – A subject requested 8 packs of cigarettes and ran from the store without paying for them.  Police were unable to locate the subject responsible in the area.  Video footage is to be obtained.  Police continue to investigate.

Police responded to seven 911 calls.
Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to one alarm call.
Police assisted five other agencies.

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