October 3 – October 4, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am
Moose Jaw Police responded to 43 calls for service. 
7:44 am – 1000 Block Willow Ave – Suspicious Person – There was a person outside who appeared to be high, and who was throwing something at the upstairs window of a residence. Police attended and spoke with the person, who was freezing cold and wet; their family is to take care of them.
10:28 am – Caribou St W at 2nd Ave NW – Theft Under – Sometime over the weekend, work tools with a value of approximately $10,000 were taken. No suspects or witnesses were reported.
10:27 am – 0 Block Caribou St E – Cheque Fraud – A complainant suspects that a person cashed a cheque via an app on a phone, and then cashed cheque in person. Police are investigating for potential charges.
11:08 am – 100 Block Elsom St – Suspicious Occurrence – There was a custody dispute. Police advised the complainant that it’s a civil matter. They were advised to speak with their lawyer and query Social Services for assistance.
11:56 am – 1200 Block Manitoba St W – Suspicious Vehicle – A vehicle was behind the ball diamonds, with a broken side window, no plate, and four persons who didn’t look quite right. Police spoke with one of the persons, who stated they were doing work in the area and the vehicle had a permit. All checked out.
12:33 pm – 1200 Block Wolfe Ave – Erratic Driving – There was a vehicle heading towards Happy Valley, driving recklessly. The complainant provided a licence plate. Police are investigating and will be speaking with the registered owner.
3:05 pm – 200 Block Ross St W – Dispute Between Neighbours – There was an ongoing dispute between a set of neighbours, and parties were looking for options on restraining orders. Due to ongoing disputes, the police advised them to consider moving elsewhere.
3:23 pm – 1000 Block 1st Ave NW – Assault – A person assaulted another individual, with the individual being hit on the head and having a brick thrown at their car. One person was charged with assault and was brought to cells to be released in front of a judge. 
3:46 pm – Main St N at Saskatchewan St W – Multi-Vehicle Accident – There was a two vehicle accident. One party left but gave all the information necessary for a name exchange. The party still there needed a tow, and police attended to assist. There was approximately $5,000 of damage.
4:48 pm – 200 Block 8th Av NW – Recovered Stolen Property – A person came down to the police station to report that their buddy’s vehicle was sighted. Police attended and confirmed the vehicle was stolen before towing it to the police station for processing. Police are still investigating.
5:12 pm – 1300 Block 11th Av NW – Dangerous Driving – A vehicle left a parking lot doing burn outs and speeding away. The complainant would like the registered owner spoken to. Police are investigating to get in touch with vehicle’s owner. 
6:24 pm – 400 Block Stadacona St E – Suspicious Occurrence – A bin has some of its contents dumped, which damaged the complainant’s property. Police attended and viewed the damage, and they intend to follow up with the bin owner. 
7:23 pm – 1100 Block Athabasca St E – Cheque Fraud – A complainant stated that a person wrote a cheque for $580 on their account. The person is to be charged. 
7:44 pm – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Erratic Driving – A vehicle passed the complainant while driving down the road. The complainant would like them spoken to about their driving actions. Police spoke to the registered owner and warned them. 
8:02 pm – 800 Block Alder Ave – Mischief – A person left garbage all over a complainant’s yard. The individual wanted police to attend to view the garbage and to consult them on their options. Police attended and the complainant stated they would like the person responsible warned to not come back.
8:53 pm – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Harassing Calls – A person pulled up to a complainant’s residence, started calling them names, and went on a rant about some negative things. Police mediated the situation.
9:20 pm – 800 Block Willow Ave – Assault – A person pushed their way into a complainant’s house and assaulted them. Police are still investigating.
10:42 pm – 1000 Block 6th Av NE – Dangerous Driving – People were doing donuts in the field at the end of the street. Police attended and issued two tickets for stunting and also arrested one party on outstanding warrants.
3:47 am – 1000 Block Willow Ave – Noise Bylaw – Banging and yelling were going on in the above suite. Police attended and warned the tenant regarding the noise.
5:04 am – 800 Block Willow Ave – Barking Dog – Police received a call in regards to two barking dogs. Police attended the area but did not hear anything. Police are investigating to speak with the owners of the dogs.
Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police executed two warrants.
Police responded to one parking bylaw.
Police responded to five driving complaints. 

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