January 17 – January 18, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 40 calls for service.

9:09 am – 1HY W at Main St N – Vehicle Collision – Two vehicles were involved. One vehicle was towed, and there was one minor injury, as well as $10 000 of damage. One ticket was issued for changing lanes before safe.

9:23 am – 1500 block 4th Av NW – Vehicle Collision – There was a single vehicle collision. One vehicle was towed and there was one minor injury and $2 000 of damage.

10:26 am – 1300 block 11th Av NW – Breach of Court Order – A subject was charged with breaching a court order and trespassing.

1:10 pm – 400 block Ominica St W – Well Being Check – A complainant called as they are worried about the health of the subject. Police spoke with the subject, who confirmed that all is well.

1:20 pm – 1100 block Connaught Av – Mischief – A complainant called in regards to their recycling bin being pushed on the sidewalk so that someone could park in the spot where it was originally. Recycling was not picked up as a result. Police are still investigating to contact the registered owner of the vehicle.

2:21 pm – 1300 block Main St N – Assault – A complainant was assaulted in the parking lot of a business in what seems to be a road rage incident. The caller wishes the subject to be warned for their behaviour.

2:46 pm – 100 block Hochelaga St W – Disturbance – An adult subject was throwing household goods from their vehicle onto the street. The subject had a flat tire while moving a family member and had to unload their trailer. The subject was simply frustrated.

5:41 pm – 600 block Fairford St E – Dispute – Two adult subjects were involved in a verbal dispute. The situation was mediated by police and social services.

6:57 pm – 1500 block Main St N – Assault – An adult was assaulted outside of an establishment. The subject was arrested on assault charges and held in cells for court.

8:26 pm – 1200 block Coteau St W – Fraud – A complainant called in regards to cheque fraud. A suspect was identified and police are still investigating.

9:25 pm – 12th Av SW at Coteau St W – Parking Bylaw – A subject had parked their freight liner illegally. The subject was spoken to by police and moved the vehicle.

10:34 pm – 1200 block Main St N – Unwanted Guest – An intoxicated adult became violent. The subject was issued a ticket for mischief and taken home.

10:49 pm – 0 block Diefenbaker Dr – Assist to Locate – A subject ran away and was later located and taken to hospital.

10:54 pm – 1600 block Main St N – Assault – Two adults were assaulting each other over a restaurant bill. The situation was mediated by police.

11:19 pm – 1300 block Algoma Av – Dispute – A complainant called in regards to their neighbours having a heated verbal dispute as well as throwing things. The subjects were simply getting settled into their new residence and moving furniture around.

11:22 pm – 0 block Fairford St W – Warrant Executed – A subject was arrested on multiple warrants. They were held in cells on a later court date.

11:22 pm – 1200 block 3rd Av NE – Breach of Court Order – A subject was charged with breaching their court order.

11:37 pm- 600 block Main St N – Noise Bylaw – A complainant called in regards to their neighbour’s loud stereo. The subject was warned by police.

1:51 am – 0 block Wellington Dr – Suspicious Occurrence – Subjects were spotted going into a residence through the back door. No lights were on except for the glow of flashlights. On police arrival, the owner of the residence explained that they were painting the doors inside the residence with headlamps as the electricity was shut off.

Police executed one warrant.
Police assisted one other agency.
Police responded to one alarm call.
Police responded to three 911 calls. 

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