January 19 – January 20, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 41 calls for service. 

9:52 am – 900 block Laurier St – Auto Theft – A red GMC Envoy with SK plate 351IBK was stolen sometime overnight. Police are still investigating.

9:51 am – 300 block Main St N – Theft – Boots were stolen while the owner was at local business.  Video evidence is to be reviewed for the identity of the suspect.

11:28 am – 100 block High St W – Theft – Theft of a bike was caught on video.  The suspect is known.  Police are still investigating for charges.

12:10 pm – 1700 block Main St N – Dispute – Two adults were in a disagreement over proper behaviour. Police are still investigating for a possible restraining order.

12:45 pm – 1100 block Athabasca St E – Dispute – There was a property dispute between adults, which was mediated by police.

4:07 pm – 200 block Main St N – Fraud – Check blanks were ordered but never arrived.  The bank advised that the suspect has written $15,000 in checks on the account.  Police are still investigating.

4:56 pm – 400 block Thatcher Dr E – Collision – There was a two vehicle collision with one tow, one injury and approximately $10,000 of damage.

5:02 pm – 0 block Wood Lily Dr – Over Park – A vehicle was parked for approximately a month with a flat tire.  The vehicle was towed from the city street.

5:10 pm – 1000 block 4th Av NE – Barking Dog – Dogs were barking excessively.  Police are still investigating to warn the owner.

5:24 pm – 200 block 1st Av NW – Theft – Gas theft was caught on video.  Police are still investigating for charges.

8:38 pm – 800 block 8th Av NW – Auto Theft – The owner wished to report a vehicle stolen after another member of the household crashed the vehicle.  There was no theft. The owner was advised where their vehicle had been towed after the collision.

8:44 pm – 1000 block Grafton Av – Trespass – An adult was caught on video entering a tent trailer and then banging on back door of a residence.  The individual was identified and police are still investigating for charges.

11:37 pm – 0 block Manitoba St E – Disturbance – A verbal argument broke out into a fist fight.  The parties were separated and no one wanted any further police action, so they were sent on their separate ways.

11:47 pm – 0 block River St E – Impaired Driving – An adult was given a road side breath demand.  The subject complied and the result was a Fail.  The subject was brought to cells for further breath samples.  Results of breath tests led to a 72 hour license suspension, and the vehicle was seized for 3 days.

1:13 am – 0 block Manitoba St W – Impaired Driving – An adult was noted starting vehicle and attempting to back out of parking spot several times.  They left the vehicle and when they returned the police found a safe ride home for the subject.

1:20 am – 1200 block Hochelaga St W – Breach Court Order – An adult lied to police about their real name during a vehicle stop.  The subject is to be charged with obstruction and breach of court order.

Police executed two warrants.
Police responded to one alarm call.

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