February 10 – February 11, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 27 calls for service.

8:58 am – 400 Block Fairford St W – Vehicle Seizure – A vehicle was seized until proof of registration was provided as it had been sitting on city streets unregistered.

9:06 am – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Assist Other Government Agency – Police were requested to help escort a person off a property. Police attended and mediated the situation.

10:31 am – 200 Block High St E – Parking Bylaw – A vehicle was left approximately two weeks ago late at night, and the complainant was concerned about it not moving. Police attended and looked into the vehicle. They will check back to see if it moved.

11:11 am – 1400 Block Coteau St W – 911 Misdial – A person was teaching a child on how to use 911. They confirmed the misdial.

11:25 am – 300 Block Main St N – Property Found – A bag containing items was found and turned into police. Police tracked down the owner and returned the items.

1:41 pm – 400 Block North Service Rd – Suspicious Person – A person was getting upset at a business. Police attended and found there to be a communication barrier between the parties; the situation was mediated.

2:17 pm – 1500 Block Smith St – Assault – Two people were involved, with one being assaulted. Police attended and spoke to the complainant, who was satisfied with the options given.

4:49 pm – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Suspicious Occurrence – A person stated that they were off to destroy a residence. The individual suffers from mental health problems. The complainant ended up contacting police again to state that the person is fine and home and calm, and that they will call back if anything were to arise.

5:54 pm – 1200 Block Henleaze Av – Domestic – Two people were arguing, with one person holding the other back from leaving residence. Police attended and the two people separated for the night. Options were discussed.

7:45 pm – Blue Sage Dr at Edelweiss Cr – Hit & Run – A vehicle hit a mailbox and bench. No paint transfer occurred, there is no suspect vehicle, and there is approximately $2,000 of damage.

11:01 pm – 1100 Block Athabasca St E – 911 – Two 911 calls resulted in the complainant hanging up. Police attended and confirmed no emergency was occurring.

11:04 pm – 200 Block High St E – Unwanted Guest – A person in the residence left and was constantly ringing the doorbell. Police attended and sent the person on their way.

11:17 pm – 1300 Block 12th Av SW – Barking Dog – A complainant states that the dog barks at all hours, and that it had been constant since mid afternoon. Police attended and found everything to be quiet, but with the animal in the basement, it’s hard to hear. They advised the complainant to speak with the landlord in regards to the complaint.

11:24 pm – 0 Block Fairford St W – Intoxicated Person – A person was found to be walking along the street. Police assisted with leaving the person with a family member.

12:34 am – 600 Block 4th Av NE – Assault – A complainant called to state that she could hear fighting, as if someone was being thrown up against a wall. Police attended and broke up an assault. Two parties were charged with assault.

1:54 am – 0 Block Fairford St W – Intoxicated Person – A taxi attended to the Moose Jaw Police Station to report that a person had passed out in their seat after giving the wrong addresses to the driver. Police brought in the subject, who was picked up by a family member later on.

2:50 am – 300 Block 4th Av SW – Intoxicated Person – Two people were in an argument. One told the other to leave and they did. The person was being belligerent and was very intoxicated. Police attended to the area but did not find person in question.

2:59 am – 500 Block Athabasca St E – Dispute – A complainant stated that a person was threatening them with a weapon. Police arrived on scene and mediated the dispute; both parties were advised to go to bed and clear their heads.

Police responded to three 911 calls.
Police responded to one parking bylaw.
Police responded to two city after hours calls.
Police seized one vehicle. 

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