February 28 – March 1, 2018 
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 44 calls for service.

9:44 am – 400 Block Main St N – Insecure Door – Police contacted a keyholder, who attended and advised nothing had been touched. The door may have just been left unlocked.

10:38 am – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Breach Recognizance – There was a report of a subject who is on conditions of no contact making contact with the complainant. A statement was obtained, and this is still under investigation.

10:47 am – 9th Ave SW at Lillooet St W – Vehicle vs Pedestrian Collision – Police, Fire and EMS attended to a vehicle vs pedestrian collision. The pedestrian was taken to hospital by EMS, where they were treated for non-life threatening injuries. The driver was charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian.

12:26 pm – 5th Ave NW at Ominica St W – Erratic Driving – There was a report of an erratic driver doing burn outs and slamming on their brakes. A plate number was obtained, and this is still under investigation to speak to the registered owner and warn them about their driving actions.

1:04 pm – 0 Block Lancaster Rd – Break and Enter – Tuesday night at 9:45 pm someone cut a chain link fence, broke into a business, and stole some property. The estimated loss is $1,000, and this is still under investigation to view video footage and identify suspects.

1:05 pm – 1100 Block 13th Ave NW – Barking Dogs – There was a report of two dogs outside barking non-stop. Police spoke to the owner and warned them of the barking dog bylaw.

1:06 pm – 1100 Block Simpson Ave – There was a report of a vehicle blocking a crosswalk with the plate number obtained. Police contacted the owner, who advised that they will move it right away.

1:33 pm – 1200 Block Athabasca St E – There was a report of semis parked on a street that is a non-truck route; police attended and issued tickets to the three trucks that were there.

4:12 pm – Thatcher Dr E at Main St N – MVA with Injuries – A two vehicle collision occurred at 1:35 pm. The drivers exchanged driver information, but now one driver and passenger are having neck, shoulder and back pain. There was minor damage to both vehicles, and police are still investigating to issue tickets.

4:14 pm – 100 Block 2nd Ave NE – A vehicle has been parked in a crosswalk for three days. The plate number was obtained, and police spoke to and warned the registered owner, who moved the vehicle.

5:03 pm – Manitoba Expressway – Police received a 911 call about a vehicle swerving all over the road with the plate number obtained. After locating the vehicle, police were notified by Regina Police Service that this vehicle may be involved in one of their investigations. The driver was arrested on their outstanding warrants and later charged with impaired driving. The vehicle was towed to the Moose Jaw Police Service Ident garage for processing.

5:02 pm – 600 Block Grandview St W – Dispute – Police spoke to all parties involved, who agreed to keep to themselves. The dispute was mediated.

5:11 pm – 1100 Block Lillooet St W – Dispute – A verbal argument occurred between two subjects. After speaking with the subjects, they advised things were resolved and would be getting along. The dispute was mediated.

5:17 pm – 1000 Block Clifton Ave – Parking Bylaw – A trailer has been parked on the street all week. Police spoke to the registered owner and advised them of the bylaw. They will move the trailer.

6:59 pm – 200 Block Manitoba St E – Assistance to Sick Person – A subject was located and taken to the hospital. The individual was left in their care for further treatment.

8:22 pm – 0 Block Athabasca St W – Insecurity – Police responded to an alarm call where they located an insecure door. Police cleared the building and located no one inside. The keyholder attended and locked up the building.

8:57 pm – 0 Block Wood Lily Dr – Assault – A subject was looking for options for a possible restraining order. The complainant provided a witness statement. One person was charged with assault and uttering threats, and they were released with conditions for a later court date.

9:06 pm – 900 Block Ominica St E – There was a report of a dog running at large in the neighbourhood. Police spoke to the dog owner and warned them as per the complainant’s wishes.

10:29 pm - 1200 Block Main St N – Noise Bylaw – There was a report of contractors outside using power tools. Police spoke to the contractors and warned them of the noise bylaw.

11:14 pm – Main St N at Diefenbaker Dr – Police provided traffic control for a semi that was broken down and partially blocking Main St N.

Police responded to six 911 calls.
Police assisted other government agencies in four cases.
Police responded to three parking bylaw infractions.
Police executed one warrant.
Police responded to one city after hours call.

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