March 26 – March 27, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 31 calls for service.

9:31 am – 0 block Fairford St W – Breach Court Order – The bail supervisor reported that three adults failed to abide by their court-ordered conditions.  Warrants were issued.

10:55 am – Wild Animal Park – Bylaw – There was concern that people are continuously letting dogs run off leash in the area of the old Wild Animal Park and loose on the street as well.  The public is reminded to use the off leash dog park if they wish to allow their dog to run off leash. 

11:20 am – 12th Av SW at Lillooet St W – Collision – A single vehicle ran into a curb.  The vehicle was towed, and there was approximately $10,000 of damage and no injuries.

11:58 am – 1200 block 13th Av NW – Unknown 911 – An adult got a phone cord stuck in their wheel chair.  The caretaker was notified to assist the resident.

1:04 pm – 900 block Coteau St W – Parking Bylaw – Two vehicles were noted parked for a couple of weeks without moving.  The public is reminded that every vehicle parked on the street must be moved after 72 hours.

3:01 pm – 800 block Valleyview Dr – Recovered Stolen Vehicle – A green Chevy Avalanche was reported stolen days before and was now located.  It was seized for processing, and there was approximately $15,000 of damage.  Police are still investigating.

3:22 pm – 400 block Manitoba St E – Dangerous Activity – Two young children were located playing along the river.  The parents were notified.

3:24 pm – 300 block Saskatchewan St W – Drug Possession – An adult was charged with possession of marijuana and paraphernalia.

3:25 pm – 1000 block Caribou St W – Recovered Stolen Vehicle – A vehicle reported stolen out of Saskatoon was now recovered.  No damage was done, and the vehicle is to be processed.  Police are still investigating.

5:01 pm – 1200 block 11th Av SW – Noise Bylaw – An apartment resident was complaining of yelling.  A resident was arguing on the phone, and they were warned to keep the noise down.

6:47 pm – 200 block Iroquois St W – Dispute – A child custody dispute occurred.  They were advised of the proper process and their options.

7:49 pm – 0 block Coteau St W – Dispute – A marital separation occurred, and a subject was looking for advice.  Advice was given.

8:26 pm – 500 block Thatcher Dr E – Hit and Run – A semi sideswiped a vehicle while making a wide right turn.  Police are still investigating.

1:40 am – 800 block 7th Av NE – Dispute – Adults were not getting along, and a subject was taken to hospital to seek psychiatric assistance.  The subject was taken back home after being cleared medically.

Police issued eleven warrants.
Police responded to four 911 calls.

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