April 7 – April 8, 2018
7:00 am to 7:00 am

Moose Jaw Police responded to 57 calls for service.

8:22 am – 0 block Diefenbaker Dr – Assist Other Government Agency – A business required assistance in a search for a person who was required to be in the building. Police attended and brought the person back to the appropriate personnel.

10:34 am – 0 block Home St E – Dispute – There was a dispute between a landlord and tenant about rent. Police advised that it is not a police matter and to contact the Rentalsman for further assistance.

10:38 am – 0 block Diefenbaker Dr – 911 Call – A person in the building was stating they needed an officer as someone is out to get them. Police attended and the person left the building, unwilling to deal with police.

10:47 am – Saskatchewan St at Main St N – Dangerous Driving – A person in a van was driving erratically in the area, speeding and in the wrong lane. Police found the person and assisted in bringing them to hospital for evaluation.

10:58 am – 400 block Grandview St W – Suspicious Occurrence – Persons were concerned about vehicle traffic in the area, and feel as though it’s increased and may be drug related. They advised the complainant that it is not a police issue at this time without proof.

11:10 am – 500 block Fairford St E – Other Bylaw – A complainant stated that someone went up and down the alley and dumped the garbage, and that they would like an officer to check the area. Police attended to the area, but did not find dumped garbage as reported.

11:48 am – 1100 block 1st Av NE – Mischief – A vehicle was entered sometime overnight, and the doors were reportedly locked. The back hatch was broken, and a construction sign was left behind. This was reported for information purposes.

12:28 pm – North Service Road – Theft of Auto – A vehicle parked by a camper in the area was taken sometime the day previous. The complainant had a suspect. The vehicle was added to the national database.

2:31 pm – 100 block Calypso Dr – Theft – A licence plate on a vehicle did not match the licence plate that is on the registration. The individual was unsure when, up to five days prior, the proper plate had been seen. This was reported to police and is to be added to the national database.

3:16 pm – 800 block Vaughan St – 911 Call – A complainant stated they were attacked by a family member. Upon police arrival the aggressor had left the premises. 3rd party involvement stated that the complainant was at fault.

3:23 pm – 1500 block Grace St – Dispute – A dispute occurred between two people over a third party. Police advised that the issue is civil, and they stated that they will sort it out themselves.

3:26 pm – 600 block Fairford St E – Hit & Run – Sometime the day prior to the time of the call, a vehicle hit the fence in the complainant’s front yard. Approximately $1,000 of damage was done. There were no suspects or witnesses.

4:22 pm – 1200 block 11th Av SW – Theft of Auto – A vehicle was stolen between the evening prior and the time of the call. The complainant attended to the station to sign forms. It was added to the national database.

4:27 pm – Highway 1 at Manitoba Expressway – Suspicious Person – There was a person who appeared to be walking on the side of the road, swaying into traffic, and the complainant was concerned they may be intoxicated. Police attended and spoke with the subject. Police assisted with transport to the Mission.

4:36 pm – 600 block Stadacona St E – 911 Call – A complainant stated they were concerned that a party was going to show up at their residence angry. Police advised that they cannot intervene without an issue currently occurring, and they also advised the complainant to call back if the party does appear at the residence.

5:18 pm – 1400 block Spadina St – Suspicious Occurrence – A person was banging on the door, looking in windows, and checking around the house. The complainant was concerned, as they were watching the residence, that the person may have broken in as ten minutes had lapsed. Police attended, noted no damage to the residence, and checked the area and did not see anyone who matched the description.

5:20 pm – 9th Av NW at High St W – Dangerous Driving – A vehicle with a driver on their phone cut the complainant off and then waved a gesture in their direction. The complainant is willing to provide a statement. Police are investigating.

5:26 pm – McDonald St at 4th Av NW – Erratic Driving – A vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road and blew a stop sign, and the complainant was unsure if the person was impaired. The licence plate was obtained so that officers could track down the registered owner. After speaking with the owner, they stated they were indeed the driver, and they were attempting to miss potholes throughout the city.

7:01 pm – 0 block River St E – Impaired Driving – Persons at a business appeared to be intoxicated prior to leaving. The complainant was concerned about the persons driving while under the influence. Police attended to the area but did not locate the vehicle. The licence plate was obtained so police attempted the registered owner’s address, but the vehicle was not there as well.

7:51 pm – 100 block 2nd Av NW – Parking Bylaw – Vehicles were parked in an area where they are not to be. Police attended and issued tickets for infractions.

12:17 am – 800 block Stadacona St E – Noise Bylaw – Construction can be heard from a house in a nearby area, and the complainant wanted to get some sleep. Police attended and warned the home owner about the noise bylaw.

12:18 am – 100 block Fairford St W – Assist EMS – EMS required assistance with a person who was reported to be lying on the ground. Police attended and the subject fled prior to arrival. The area was searched, but the subject was gone.

12:33 am – Highway 1 at 9th Av NW – Assist Other Police Agency – A vehicle was driving down the highway at a high rate of speed, erratically, and this was reported. Police caught up with the vehicle on the other side of the city. Police warned the driver of their actions, confirmed the driver’s sobriety, and advised if they were tired to pull over and take a rest prior to continuing the trip.

1:14 am – 0 block River St W – Intoxicated Person – A person appeared to be heavily intoxicated sitting outside on the bench. Police attended and noted that no medical distress was visible, and the person was left in the care of a friend.

2:32 am – 1100 block 3rd Av NE – Dispute – An argument ended with one party leaving ill-dressed for the weather. The person returned prior to police arrival in the area. Police attended to the subject’s address to make sure the situation was mediated. The person was in bed attempting to sleep.

2:51 am – 0 block Manitoba St W – Disturbance – A disturbance was noted in a parking lot. The complainant requested police attend to the area in case things escalated. Police arrived, but the group had dispersed by this time.

3:14 am – 0 block Hall St E – Suspicious Person – A person was wandering in the yard of a complainant who was alerted by their dog. The complainant was concerned for the person’s well-being and wanted the person away from their property. Police attended to the area and found the subject, but that person did not want anything to do with police and kept darting away. The person appeared to be in fine health and was making their way towards home, as they were known to police.

Police responded to thirteen 911 calls.
Police assisted other government agencies in seven cases.
Police responded to three city after hours calls.
Police responded to three alarm calls.
Police executed one warrant.           

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