Police & Fire Report

May 24 – May 25, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am


Moose Jaw Police responded to 56 calls for service.
7:51 am – 800 Block Oxford St W– Dangerous Driving – Vehicle sped past public transit at a high rate of speed. Still under investigation.
9:02 am – 800 Block Grandview St W – Theft of Auto – Vehicle stolen overnight. Keys were left in vehicle. Very little gas left, under investigation to locate.
9:13 am – 400 Block Hochelaga St E – Suspicious Occurrence – Person has unit posted for rent on website. The house is not owned by person who posted ad. In contact with website to take down ad. Under investigation to retrieve more information from website.
9:51 am – 800 Block 4th Av NW – Suspicious Person – Person laying out in front of residence, not sure if person is conscience. Police attended and found the person to be locked out of unit, assisted person back home.
10:39 am – High St W at 1st Av NW – MVA – One vehicle swiped another. Police assisted with non-reportable accident and sent driver’s on their way.
12:04 pm – 100 Block Athabasca St W – Disturbance – Group of people looking to fight, dispersed due to sprinklers and police arrival.
12:34 pm – 700 Block Vaughan St – Dangerous Driving – Persons driving around with rope and bucket with another person in it, tied to rear bumper. Police arrived in the area, and searched, vehicle was not located.
1:02 pm – 0 Block River St E – Bike Theft – Bike was reported as stolen by person, was not locked up, and not sure who would have taken it. Person attended to station later in the day to state that the bike had been located.
1:25 pm – Albert St W at 13th Av NW – Traffic Bylaw – Complainant stated that speeders are the worst around noon time in the area, and requested patrol. Under investigation to do area patrolling over the next while.
1:40 pm – 300 Block 9th Av SW – Hit & Run – Vehicle stopped at north end of bridge waiting for train and was hit. Under investigation to follow up with offending vehicle.
2:24 pm – North Service Road – Erratic Driving – Vehicle blew red light and almost hit complainant. Many vehicles in area not following rules around construction. Police attended to the area and monitored, vehicles acting as they should.
2:44 pm – 1000 Block Athabasca St E – Intoxicated Person – Person wandering around, trying to get into complainant’s residence. Police attended and told person to stay within their unit with alcohol.
2:56 pm – 1300 Block Main St N – Driving Impaired – Person stumbled out of store, and drove away. Licence plate obtained. Under Investigation to follow up.
4:06 pm – 1000 Block Fairford St E – Dispute – Person came and told landlord to call police. Police attended and found two parties were in a dispute, one party left prior to police arrival.
4:27 pm – 1300 Block Main St N – Mischief – Vehicle with two persons inside threw soda at complainant. Licence plate of offending vehicle obtained, under investigation to speak with offending party.
4:30 pm – 4th Av SW at Lillooet St W – Traffic Bylaw – Complainant witnessed a person texting while driving. Under investigation to speak with registered owner of offending vehicle.
5:01 pm – 1300 Block Normandy Dr – Dispute – One party refusing to drop off person to residence due to order of no contact. Police spoke with both parties and could not mediate, advised to take it up in court.
5:05 pm – 1200 Block 11th Av SW – Neighbour Dispute – Ongoing issues with loud noise. Police mediated situation currently, and options were given.
6:10 pm – 40 Block Athabasca St W – Harassing Calls – Complainant constantly being bothered with phone calls and texts. Gave information in regards to a peace bond to complainant.
6:23 pm – 1100 Block Lillooet St W – MVA – Single vehicle accident. Approximately $15-20,000 worth of damage, minor injuries, and one charge for driving without due care and attention.
7:36 pm – 0 Block Manitoba St E – Suspicious Occurrence – Three persons making their way down the block checking door handles on vehicles. Description given. Police attended to area, but did not find anyone who fit the description.
7:51 pm – 1000 Block Caribou St W – Theft – Cell phone taken and returned to one party who wishes police to attend and speak with the offending party.
7:49 pm – 800 Block Wolfe Av – Break & Enter – Complainant came home to find house ransacked and important documents missing. Still under investigation.
11:14 pm – 0 Block Calypso Dr – Suspicious Occurrence – Person in fenced area yelling. Complainant couldn’t make out description in dark. Police attended to area, but did not find anyone in the vicinity.
12:07 am – 1000 Block Athabasca St E – Unwanted Guest – Guest in unit was intoxicated and causing a disturbance, was asked to leave.
12:12 am – 700 Block Athabasca St W – Noise Bylaw – Complainant stated that they could hear a bass sound that had been going on for some time. Police attended and found group sitting around fire, they were told to shut down the music and the home owner was warned of the bylaw.

Police responded to 5 911 calls
Police attended to 2 parking bylaws
Police assisted 5 other agencies

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