Police & Fire Report

April 6 – April 7, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am


Moose Jaw Police responded to 39 calls for service.

7:02 am – 200 block Ross St E – Erratic Driving – Report of two vehicles speeding upwards of 100km/hr before school, at noon and after school. Police will set up more traffic enforcement in the area.

8:22 am – 0 block Iris Dr – Mischief – The complainant called to report having video of a truck driving over a real estate sign. Still under investigation to review video and identify the subject.

8:47 am – 400 block Thatcher Dr E – Dangerous Driving – Report of a driver swerving in and out of traffic and cutting people off. The registered owner is known and will be contacted and warned regarding their driving actions.

11:10 am – 1000 block Normandy Dr – Trespassing – A neighbour of the complainant drove a truck on the grass in the complainant’s backyard without permission. The complainant reported having witnesses and pictures of the neighbour driving. Still under investigation to speak to the known subject.

11:18 am – 700 block 5th Av SW – Assist to Locate – An upset youth was reported to have run away an hour prior to the time of the call. A physical description was provided and the youth was located and placed in the care of Mom and Dad.

11:50 am – 1000 block Lillooet St W – Dispute – Dispute among three family members at a residence. One family member kicked out of the residence.

11:56 am – 600 block Main St N – Theft – The tonneau cover for the complainant’s vehicle was stolen from the parking lot between 8:50 am and 10:30 am. Police are still investigating.

12:39 pm – 0 block Thatcher Dr E – Impaired Driving – Report of an individual drinking from a bottle of wine while in their parked vehicle before walking into a store. The registered owner was spoken to and said that the vehicle was in the possession of another individual. Still under investigation to speak with the individual in possession of the vehicle. 

12:47 pm – Macdonald St at 4th Av NW – Collision – Two vehicle collision. One injury and one tow required. No tickets issued. Approximately $5000 worth of damage.

1:05 pm – 100 block Manitoba St E – Intoxicated Person – Report of two individuals in the area – one on a bike and one walking. The individual walking was reported to be so intoxicated that he kept falling over and dropping his whiskey bottle. The area was attended and searched but the individuals were gone upon arrival.

2:36 pm – 300 block Lillooet St W –Intoxicated Person – Complainant called to report that a very intoxicated family member was being belligerent and trying to gain access to the residence. The intoxicated individual was held in cells until sober. 

2:47 pm – 100 block Athabasca St E – Intoxicated Person – Complainant called to report an individual sleeping in a public place with a ski mask covering their face. The individual appeared to be breathing but could not be woken. The individual was arrested for intoxication and held until sober.

3:13 pm – 900 block Ominica St W – Assist to Locate – Complainant called to report that they had been unable to contact a family member. The family member had been last seen the night before by a friend. A member spoke to the individual. The individual’s phone was dead and they had fallen asleep at a friend’s house. The individual was determined to be in good health. 

6:27 pm – 200 Main St N – Found Property – The complainant found $145 on the street. It was turned into the police station to be exhibited.

6:41 pm – 0 block Maple St E – Mischief – Complainant reported two youths lighting grass on fire with a lighter. The complainant had last seen the youths entering a nearby apartment building. A member attended the area but the two youths were gone upon arrival. The member spoke to a few other youths who said they had not seen anything. There was no sign of anything burning.

12:38 am – 0 block Fairford St W – Found Property – An individual found a machete in their backyard and brought it to the station for police to dispose of it.

6:06 am – 0 block Thorn Cr – Assist Fire Department – The Moose Jaw Fire Department responded to a potential explosion in the area. Members attended the area as well and the fire department determined it to be a blown transformer. SaskPower was notified.

Police responded to Three 911 calls
Police responded to 2 alarm calls
Police assisted with 1 community service project
Police executed 1 warrant
Police executed 5 Municipal bylaws
Police assisted 2 other agencies

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