Police & Fire Report

May 4 – May 5, 2017
7:00 am to 7:00 am


Moose Jaw Police responded to 65 calls for service.

8:49 am – 1300 Block Stadacona St W– Well Being Check  – Request to conduct well-being check on son.  Residence attended and both mom and son doing well.  Complainant notified.

9:37 am – 1100 Block Caribou St W – Theft Under – Laptop stolen by known suspect.  Suspect contacted by Police and advised to return laptop.  Police to verify laptop returned by time allotted.

9:41 am – 200 Block Iroquois St W – Found Property – Gas can hidden in trees found, unknown whom owner is. 

9:53 am – 500 Block Thatcher Dr E – Hit & Run – Plate number obtained from vehicle that hit another vehicle in parking lot and left without exchanging information.  Still under investigation to speak with registered owner of offending vehicle.

10:31 am – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Suspicious Vehicle – Vehicle parked in parking lot for extended period of time with what sounded like baby crying inside.  Vehicle located, no baby in vehicle, occupant just having a rest after working all night.

10:46 am – Moose Jaw – Assist Other Agency – Subjects failed to report to Probation Services for scheduled appointments.  Charges pending.

10:59 am – 1200 Block 9th Av NE – Dangerous Dog – Black and white dog running at large, attacked other dogs.  Dogs attacked not injured. Owner of dog at large located and warned regarding bylaw.

11:04 am – Manitoba St E at Main St S – MVA – Semi trailer hit traffic lights, twisting them.  Semi backed up and left scene.  Driver issued ticket for failing to notify owner of property damage.  Damage estimated at $1000.

11:41 am – 0 Block Ross St E – Threats – Accused released in front of a Justice of the Peace on conditions and for court at a later date.

11:48 am – 1200 Block Irving Av – Dispute between neighbors – Ongoing dispute between adults.  Still under investigation for speak with both parties, charges pending.

12:04 pm – 9th Av NE at Athabasca St E – Suspicious Occurrence – Two young children walking down street without supervision.  Children located and returned to older sibling whom was babysitting.  Police will follow up with parents.

12:41 pm – 1100 Block 4th Av NE – Recovered Stolen Property – Bicycle reported stolen three weeks ago located and returned to owner.  Still under investigation for possible charges.

1:19 pm – 300 Block Fairford St W – Suspicious Person – Subject sitting in vehicle an extended period of time, believed to be having a panic attack.  Subject spoken to and was panicking due to running out of fuel.  Subject given a ride home.

1:47 pm – 0 Block Thatcher Dr E – Found Property – Several items from lost & found not claimed.  Police to retrieve items and attempt to identify owners.

1:53 pm – 9th Av SW at Lillooet St W – MVA – Two vehicle motor vehicle collision resulting in approximately $25,000 damage, one minor injury and both vehicles being towed.  One ticket issued for disobeying a stop sign.

2:02 pm – 400 Block 9th AV SW – Hit & Run – Vehicle in car was collided with exit door and failed to notify business.  Plate number obtained, video of incident obtained.  Approximately $1500 worth of damage.  Still under investigation to speak with registered owner of vehicle.

2:17 pm – 700 Block 12th Av SW – Barking Dog – Ongoing issue with dogs barking constantly making neighbors unable to enjoy time outside.  Owner to be charged under the bylaw.

3:24 pm – 0 Block Diefenbaker Dr – Hit & Run – Vehicle hit by another vehicle and no information left behind from offending driver.  Complainant a witness with photographs of offending vehicle.  Police continue to investigate.

3:49 pm – 500 Block Stadacona St W – Mischief – Tires slashed on vehicle.  Unable to get a hold of complainant or daughter whom was in possession of vehicle.  Police are still investigating.

3:57 pm – 500 Block Coteau St W – Assault – Subject choked and thrown to ground.  Police continue to investigate.

4:37 pm – 0 Block Fairford St E – MVA – Two vehicle motor vehicle collision resulting in approximately $10,000 worth of damage.  Charges pending.

5:01 pm – 1400 Block Glendale St – Dispute – Verbal dispute between mother and daughter.  Police mediated situation.

5:35 pm – 500 Block Thatcher Dr E – Hit & Run – Vehicle hit while parked in parking lot causing damage to hood and front bumper.  Police to obtain video footage.

6:07 pm – 1000 Block Edmonton St – Dispute – Property dispute.  Police kept the peace while property was retrieved.

6:09 pm – 1000 Block Prince Charles Pl – Disturbance – Parent could be heard yelling at children.  No Police involvement required, parent disciplining children.

6:15 pm – 1300 Block Gordon Rd – Unwanted Guest – Subject sitting on complainants deck, told complainant didn’t know where lived.  Subject checked out by EMS and returned home.

6:42 pm – 1300 Block Algoma Av – Found Bicycle – Bicycle found in alley of residence, unknown whom it belongs to.  Commissionaires to pick up in morning.

7:19 pm – 500 Block Thatcher Dr E – Found Property – Still under investigation to return property to rightful owner.

7:22 pm – 300 Block Ominica St W – Suspicious Occurrence – Youth on roof of building.  Upon Police arrival youth no longer on roof, went up to retrieve property they threw up there.

8:17 pm – 800 Block Caribou St W – Lost Property Reported – Passport and work permit lost some time since 2017 February 16.

8:37 pm – 800 Block Macdonald St – Robbery – Youth used physical force to steal bicycle from another youth.  Offending youth tracked down by parents and bicycle returned.  Offending youth located by Police at residence and detained in Police custody for court in the morning.

8:39 pm – Caribou St W at Thatcher Dr W – Found Property – Identification and credit cards located.  Police to locate owner and return property.

9:22 pm – 300 Block North Service Rd – Impaired Driving – Vehicle all over the road, almost hit complainant.  Police attended area, however vehicle not located.  No plate number to follow up with.

9:32 pm – 5th Av NW at Athabasca St W – Erratic Driving – Plate number and vehicle description obtained for vehicle that was swerving all over road, speeding up and then slowing down.  Driver contacted and warned regarding driving actions.

9:38 pm – 1000 Block 8th Av NW – Nuisance Communication – Unwanted communication from family member.  Complainant advised to attend Police station and provide statement however did not show up.  Police are still investigating.

9:59 pm – 700 Block Vaughan St – Suspicious Person – Two people acting suspicious in ¼ tonne truck.  Area searched however truck not located.

10:00 pm – 1200 Block Vaughan St – Assault – Police continue to investigate.

11:18 pm – 1500 7th Av SW – Dangerous Driving – Grey Dodge pickup truck racing around area.  Police attended area however vehicle not located.  No plate number for follow up.

11:39 pm – 800 Block Outlook Av – Dispute between neighbors – Spotlight being shone in front window of residence.  Attempts at resolving issue with neighbor met with negative results.  Police attended and spotlight turned off.

1:51 am – 1200 Block Main St N – Intoxicated Person – Subject called 911 after dispute with boyfriend, didn’t know where she was due to being from out of town.  Subject located and detained in cells until sober.

Police responded to Nine 911 calls
Police attended to 1 parking bylaw
Police assisted 6 other agencies
Police executed 2 warrants

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