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Named after a winning Epsom Derby horse, Coronach may have been christened by a Canadian Pacific Rail official in the relatively young year of 1926, but folks have been calling these gently rolling hills and dramatic badlands home for close to ten thousand years.

Coronach serves as the alluring gateway to the Big Muddy Badlands, which offered hospitable caves, freshwater, food and fuel to nomadic Plains Indians. Nearby is North America’s only known stone buffalo effigy, as are untold numbers of tepee rings and cairns and the impressive Buffalo Jump, all telling of a long and intimate history between people and the land.

Despite its remote southern location perched on the edge of the 49th parallel, Coronach boasts a population of nearly 1000 people and a strong industry forged on lignite coal mining with plenty of just the right territory for ranching and red spring wheat. Today Coronach’s rich coal deposits fire up one third of Saskatchewan’s total power supply.  And, if you like you can contact the Poplar River Mine and Power Station for a free tour. You'll see two of the largest draglines in North America. tourCoalMINEhovIf you visit the Coronach website you can book your tour: http://www.coronach.ca/coal-mine.html

Don’t miss your chance at a free tour of the Poplar River Mine and Power Station. Take in the view of two of the largest draglines in North America. 

8-hundred C-H-A-B is Rolling Across the Heartland… to Coronach! 

And rather telling of its name, Coronach’s most enticing history runs red with horses. The neighbouring Big Muddy Badlands marked the northern end of North America’s Outlaw Trail, trotted on by the likes of Butch Cassidy, Dutch Henry, Coyote Pete, and the Sundance Kid as they ran stolen horses from here through the heart of the continent. Local ranches in the area that afforded these outlaws protection are still in the community today, and place Coronach on the map for tourists from around the world.

Plus, take in the Coronach and District Museum where you’ll see artifacts, records, and more.

From the Butch Cassidy Outlaw Trail… to rare First Nations’ sites… to ruins of an early Northwest Mountain Police Post, this community is brimming with history. See it for yourself… with a visit to Coronach

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