Featured Town: Regina Beach

The first inhabitants of Last Mountain Valley say that, when the Great Chief of the World finished creating all the hills and rivers, he had a little material left over. As he was looking around to see where He should put it, He saw that the prairie lay smooth and flat for many miles, with not a single mountain, lake or stream to change up the landscape. So, right in the middle, He built a mound with the dirt that remained from the mountains and, scooping a hollow at its base, He made a long lake with the water that remained from the rivers.

The Great Chief wondered what He should name this creation and summoned His people, saying that whoever shall give Him the best name for this lake and mountain will receive a blanket as beautiful as a rainbow. After a moment of silence then Cheewana, His daughter, said that it should be named Last Mountain, and Last Mountain Lake, since it was made with the last leftover pieces. The Great Chief liked this answer, and gifted her with the beautiful blanket. REGINABEACHGOLF2The Regina Beach golf course is a picturesque 9-hole track

On the southwest shores of this whimsically-named lake rested the small hamlet of Regina Beach, one of the most popular sandy beach destinations in the province. With the Canadian Pacific Railway running through the area in 1912, the area was easily accessible to residents of Regina and, for many years, the railroad ran excursion trains to the developing lakeshore resort. This resort held everything from a Yacht Club, established in 19-13, to summer cottages, as well as many hotels, boathouses, dance pavilions and other tourist attractions. And for decades, Regina Beach’s population hovered around 300 until a substantial influx in 1970. And in 1980, Regina Beach attained town status.


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