Vanier Collegiate staff members, Christa LaPointe, Daniel Atkins, and Leanne Meili, offered nine tips for students undergoing pressure during finals week. 

  1. Self-care is important. Make sure that you eat properly and get enough rest prior to your exams. 

  1. Get some fresh air and move around throughout the week. Physical activity can help relieve stress. 

  1. Utilize your time effectively and create a plan on when, where, and how to study. 

  1. Review your handouts and study guides provided by your teacher. 

  1. Email and/or meet with your teacher to clarify or ask questions. 

  1. Re-read and re-write your notes, and use flash cards. 

  1. Get rid of distracting devices. 

  1. Remember to take your class seriously all semester – this will help you during finals. 

  1. Have a positive and optimistic attitude. 

Moose Jaw high school students head into their second semester on Tuesday.