Carnie's Comments


I told the kids at the radio station this story last week when Sesame Street was the answer on the CHAB Pop Quiz.

I clearly remember being upset when I started school.  I had just turned 5-years-old and it was time for Kindergarten at Sherwood School in Regina.  It was 1970.

I just couldn't believe I'd have to miss Mr. Dressup and The Friendly Giant, two shows that ran back-to-back on television.

As it turned out, the morning routine at Kindergarten was most enjoyable.  We'd do a little learning and have some fun playing games and then, at 10:30 it was snack and nap time.  That was the best.  We'd all bring snacks and a nice towel or blanket for a snooze on the floor.

And then, at 11 AM, it was time for Sesame Street on the TV.  The show was still in its early years but word got around about how it was entertaining and educational.  We'd watch it every day but we'd always miss the end of the show because at 11:45, it was time for lunch.

It was perfect, actually.  I had 15 minutes to get home, get some lunch and settle down to watch The Flintstones at noon.

What a life I was living and you know, I took it for granted.

Kindergarten.  Those were the days!