The City of Moose Jaw is set to host another major curling event, the 2024 Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship will take place at the Moose Jaw Curling Centre from March 24 to March 30. 

“I love it here, you know the fans here are absolutely fantastic,” said Rod Peterson, Skip for Team Saskatchewan 2. “It’s going to be a great event again this year.” 

The championship brings together 11 teams from across Canada to battle it out for the right to be crowned Canadian champions. The competition will be stiff with so many top-class athletes in attendance.  

Saskatchewan will be represented by two teams in the championship who, for the first draw, will be facing off against each other. The Saskatchewan teams have added several new players to the roster who will get their first national championship experience at the event. 

Team Saskatchewan 1 Vice-Skip Marie Wright, a 15-year veteran of the sport, is looking forward to the competition, saying that they had quite a few fans in the stands for the last event, and that they expect a really good turnout this year. 

The Championship also serves as a meeting point for these competitors turned friends. 

“Of course, winning is my favourite part, but I also enjoy the socializing. It’s a very social sport, so I enjoy the socializing with the other players. You make friends that last for a lifetime,” said Wright. 

“It’s the comradery between the people. The competition is absolutely fantastic, and over the years of doing this, I’ve got some people (that) we’re still friends to this day ... there's so many athletes that come in that you meet and they’re fun to be with,” said Peterson. 

While the rules for curling and wheelchair curling are the same Marie Wright describes the primary difference between the two sports. 

“Come out and see what the sport is all about, because you don’t really understand the talent and skill that it takes when you have no sweeping, because there is no sweeping in wheelchair curling. So, I think they would be surprised if they come out and check that out,” 

It is $80 for an event pass, $25 for a day pass, and $15 to view a single draw, with attendees under 18 receiving free admission. 

Tickets can be purchased on the Sasktix website.